How to reduce the suffering of a person with heel spur

Medications to reduce pain with heel spurs

The pharmacy sells gels and ointments, which include anti-inflammatory drugs. Before applying the skin must be steamed, then with intensive movements rub the ointment. To relieve pain for a long time, the tool should be used 3 times a day for 2 weeks.
If the pain is unbearable, doctors advise taking Diclofenac, Voltaren, Ibuprofen. Remember that these drugs have many side effects, so they can be used only in extreme cases. To reduce the suffering of the heel spur, you can wear special patches or apply medical bile to the affected area.
An effective way to permanently get rid of pain is procain-alcohol blockade. A special composition is introduced into the heel, the result of the procedure comes in a few seconds after the execution and lasts for several months.Its only drawback is that it is difficult to find an experienced orthopedist who can introduce the composition qualitatively.

How to alleviate the condition with heel spur at home?

To eliminate the pain, you can use the popular recipes. In the fight against the heel spur will help raw potatoes. Rub it on a coarse grater, put the resulting mass on your heels, fix it with a bandage, put a plastic bag on your leg and leave the compress for 24 hours.
If you manage to find the grass knotweed, you need to put it in your shoes and walk all day. Daily change to fresh grass. Instead of knotweed, you can use hot salt solution. In the water, dissolve the salt and lower your legs into the liquid for half an hour, after the procedure, wear warm socks. At 1 liter of water will need 3 tablespoons of salt. If you carry out the procedure every evening for 30 days, the pain from the heel spur will go away for a long time.
Lilac tincture is another effective remedy for pain in the heel spur. Mix 50 g of dried flowers of lilac with 500 ml of vodka, leave in a dark place for 10 days. The tool can be taken orally (1 teaspoon 2 times a day) and rub their heels.
Cabbage leaf will also ease the suffering at the heel spur.It should be lubricated with honey and applied to the sore spot overnight.
It is impossible to get rid of the heel spur with the help of medicines and folk remedies, but it is possible to reduce pain. So that the discomfort does not increase, do not forget about comfortable shoes and measures for the prevention of heel spurs.

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