How to recover the program password

You will need
  • Personal computer, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
First of all, decide on the nameprograms. This is required to find a suitable password recovery assistant. You can see the nameprogramsin the top line above the menu, or in the sub-item of the menu “help”. Copy the titleprogramsto the clipboard and enter in the search box of your favorite search engine. Add the words "Recoverpassword", Press" enter "on the keyboard.
Follow the suggested links and select the program that suits you best. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery will help you with office documents, Accent Internet Password Recovery utility will find the recovery of various passwords to the Internet, and Advanced Archive Password Recovery for searching to archives. There are a lot of free programs for this purpose. You choose the program that is most suitable for search. They all work beautifully. Download and install the password recovery program on your computer. Pay attention to where the program is being installed (or select a special folder for it).Try to likeprogramsset to the category of the system partition, so that later it would be more convenient to view the saved reports and other similar files.
Next, run the program and view the working interface. If you are not friends with English, then try to look forprogramsin Russian, or special crackers. If it's not so easy to understand the program, press the “F1” button, and a special help window will appear on the screen. Or find in the menuprogramsitem “help” and read tips on usage. Lostpasswordrecover is not so difficult. Now available dozens of programs written specifically for these purposes. If one program did not help you, do not despair, since there is a better option on the Internet for solving this problem.

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