How to recognize a charlatan

This specialist is able to "just talk about the complex." If you find yourself in the office of a magician or sorcerer, after a few minutes you feel that you are completely confused in his explanations, and he continues to wise with a clever look words like “karma”, “aura”, “biofield” - run out as soon as possible.
No self-respecting specialist throws promises. If in the very first minute you are told that they will solve all your problems 100% without even having really heard what the matter is - this is almost certainly a charlatan. Do not waste time or money.
An ominous, gloomy situation (thick dusk with one or two burning candles, magical crystals, balls, a solemn frightening voice, etc.) is absolutely not necessary for a real magician when he receives visitors, but for a charlatan this is the necessary entourage. After all, the more you manage to act on the nerves of a trusting client, the more money you can get from him later.
And, of course, obviously you should not look for magicians and sorcerers in advertisements in the media.Better use the help of word of mouth. And at the same time, of course, also try to exercise reasonable caution and vigilance.
Do not show fear and do not become disheartened, because the nutrient medium for charlatans of all stripes - human fears, troubles, prejudices. For example, a person suddenly finds out with horror that he has a severe, advanced disease. The treatment did not bring positive results (at least quick). And then the person is ready in despair to become like the very drowning man who grabs at a straw. What if a miracle happens! In short, there are many reasons why a desperate person is ready to resort to the help of all kinds of magicians.

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