How to raise a son man

The initial stage covers the stage from birth to six years. Decisive role in educationsonbelongs to the mother. During this age period, it is necessary for the crumb to feel connected with the mother. Circlude the child with care and affection, give him a feeling of security and great love, so that the son learns to love too. To this end, more often take it in your hands, talk, squeeze. It is not recommended to givesonin kindergarten to three years. Studies have shown that boys are more likely than girls to suffer because of their separation from their relatives. Experiencing a sense of abandonment, the child may develop aggressiveness, fears. This behavior may persist even in school.
The next stage begins with six years to thirteen. Decisive role in educationsonbelongs to dad. Remember that you are becoming the standard of behavior for a child who suddenly had a desire to imitate you, to learn something new.Watch your actions, speech. Do not move away from your family either physically or morally. Give your child all the free attention, otherwise he will attract him to his various antics. Boys can begin to wet the bed, steal, be aggressive towards others. Develop creative and mental abilitiessondo not forget about personal qualities. Pay his attention to the positive actions of movie characters. With the same purpose, read to children the artistic works. Mom should not move away from educationsonbecause he got older. Her love is still important to the child.
Stage from fourteen to majority. Find a boy tutor for a man who will prepare him for adulthood so that he does not have to be content with the knowledge of his peers. The main criteria for choosing a mentor are honesty and safety. Involve the child in adult life, instill a sense of responsibility.
In nurturingsonBoth parents must be involved, from birth to adulthood. Only the share of participation of the father or mother at each age stage changes.

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