How to quickly do DIY carnival costume for Halloween for a guy and a boy at home


An interesting and unusual costume for Halloween for a guy and a boy can be bought in a specialized store or made with your own hands at home from the simplest materials at hand. For children 8-12 years old, the images of a vampire, zombie, pirate or skeleton will do. Dressed in such colorful clothes, the boys will become real stars of the school party and will be able not only to amuse, but also to scare their classmates.

Adult guys carnival costume for a masquerade in honor of All Saints Day will help make friends and girlfriends. Young people reincarnate in Count Dracula, the werewolf, the eccentric Van Gogh and the mischievous Jack Sparrow, and the most courageous take the chance to “blow up” the holiday, dressed in the outrageous Conchita Wurst outfit. But no one will condemn for such behavior.After all, on Halloween it is not only possible, but necessary, to knock and perform unusual acts.

Making a vampire costume on Halloween for a boy with your own hands at home - master class with step by step photos

A master class with step-by-step photos describes in detail how to make a vampire costume for a boy on Halloween with his own hands at home. The process is quite simple, but requires attention and care. It is very good, if parents will be engaged in creation of a dress together with the child. So the baby will get acquainted with the traditions of the celebration of All Saints Day and will be able to show imagination and creativity.


Necessary materials for a vampire costume for Halloween

  • disposable plastic plug
  • two-meter cut of black fabric
  • White shirt
  • black pants
  • vest
  • tie

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a vampire costume for a boy at home

  1. To make a vampire cloak, spread the black fabric on the table, measure out the required length, add a centimeter to the allowances and cut the desired piece.1KNHDM-007
  2. Go to the layout of the hood. Prepare a rectangular piece of fabric measuring 30x70 cm.From one short edge, make a centimeter bend inwards, carefully iron it and stitch it. At the collar of the raincoat, put on a basting seam and carefully wipe the fabric so that the neck and the base of the hood become the same width.1KNHDM-008
  3. Sew a hood on the gathered edge of the raincoat. If desired, decorate the cloak with traditional Halloween attributes.1KNHDM-009
  4. Cover the face with a tonal base of the lightest color possible. The eyes lead with a black pencil, and the area around is toned with blue-gray and deadly shadows.1KNHDM-011
  5. At the disposable plastic plug, remove some unnecessary parts, sand the fracture points, and attach the resulting vampire fangs to the gums.1KNHDM-006
  6. Make up your lips with red or cherry lipstick. In the corner of the mouth to make a thin bruise.1KNHDM-012

How to make a carnival costume Halloween Pirate for a boy of 8 years


At home, creating a carnival pirate costume for Halloween for a boy of 8 years is not difficult. To bring the idea to life, it is appropriate to use both brand new, only purchased fabrics and accessories, as well as old clothes already in the house. There are no clear rules for this image.There are only some characteristic details that can be added to a homemade outfit.

What is the children's Halloween carnival costume

A pirate costume is a bright, multi-layered cascade of clothing, consisting of completely different things that, at first glance, are absolutely incompatible with each other. However, it is precisely in this that the trick of the image of the broken, merry and cunning sea robber consists. Among the required positions and traditional attributes are such elements as:

  • triangular hats of black, blue, brown or red, trimmed with white braid, decorated with feathers or decorated with pirate emblems with skulls and crossed daggers;
  • simple kerchiefs-bandanas of different colors, with fringe, with print and without;
  • high leather jack boots with cuffs or black Czech and high solid or striped socks;
  • vests or white shirts with wide and voluminous puffy sleeves (if desired, they can be decorated with lace cuffs or jabot, lightly sprinkled with blood, perforated in several places, imitating the hit of an enemy bullet or dagger cut);
  • An elongated or short waistcoat, a frock coat or a camisole of any color, sewn from a dense fabric;
  • volumetric pants (trousers of traditional length, capri or breeches, frayed at the edges or trimmed with braid, lace and fringe);
  • belt of bright or dark color, for which the pirate will shut the pistols, a sword or a dagger.

You can complement the image almost indefinitely. There are no restrictions on accessories or flashy details. A large earring in the ear, a smoking pipe, a compass, a bandage supposedly hiding a missing eye, a dead man's chest, a large woven sack with piastres, a telescope and any other accessories will perfectly fit into the overall style of the dress and make it more saturated, colorful and memorable.

Children's Masquerade for Halloween for a boy of 9 years - how to create an image of "Skeleton"


Step-by-step master class tells how to create a children's fancy dress “Skeleton” for Halloween for a boy of 9 years and older. The process is very simple and children will happily do everything themselves. Parents and teachers will only have to look after the work and help the children to accurately and accurately cut the paper stencil.

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