How to paste crystals on hair

Rhinestones in hair can turn even a simple hairstyle into a romantic and festive. Often, rhinestones are decorated with luxurious evening or wedding styling, giving the image charm and mystery. With rhinestones in her hair, twinkling like little stars, the girl looks like a fairy-tale princess or a fairy from a magical land. The glow of rhinestones, located near the face, will merge with the glitter of female eyes, emphasizing their beauty. Rhinestones can be decorated as a short haircut, and elegant complex styling, hair with braids or feminine curls. Stunning strands of long or medium length with shimmering sparkles of rhinestones look amazing.

rhinestones in hair

Choose rhinestones

You can decorate your hair with straziki even at home, for this you need rhinestones and glue. Most often, the hair is decorated with famous Swarovski crystals. For the design of hair, you can use sparkling stones of various shapes - round, hearts, drops, stars, diamonds. The size of the crystals used can also be different - from small ones, reaching 2-5 mm in diameter, to larger ones.You can use rhinestones for nails, as well as rhinestones, which are sold in stores for sewing.

How to glue the crystals

For a solemn hairstyle, it is better to choose stones that do not have a glue layer. Most often, for fixing rhinestones, the usual medical adhesive BF-6 is used, which can be bought at any pharmacy. This transparent adhesive reliably holds and is easily washed off with water without harming the hair. They also glue the crystals on the face for carnival makeup.

glue for hair

In addition to medical glue, it is possible to fix rhinestones on hair gel with extra strong fixation or glue for eyelashes. Wonderful patterns with crystals laid out on the gel "cement", will withstand any beach party.

If you want the rhinestones in the hair to hold on for a long time, try using colorless nail polish. The crystals attached in this way are removed with the help of a nail polish remover.

Sticking strazinki

Apply a little glue on the rhinestone and on a thin strand of 6-8 hairs to the place where the rhinestone will be attached (or to the desired element in the evening hairstyle). Glue should be quite a bit so that he does not stain his hair. For ease of application, you can squeeze a small amount of glue from the tube onto the cardboard in advance and use a cotton swab to apply it.

rhinestones in hair

rhinestones in hair

Put the strass on the glued strand from the outside, and on the back side, glue another strass. Thus, a strand of hair is fixed between two rhinestones. Do not touch the hair, let the glue dry well. In order to remove the rhinestones, just wet the hair with water, the glue will swell and go away.

Option for girls with thick hair - buy rhinestones on small spirals. They can be easily and simply screwed into any festive hairstyle or decorated with such stones.

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