How to pass on the category?

Hello, dear readers! Questions about how to pass the category, almost always asked by those who have already got their own car, or else is going to do it in the very near future. This article is for those people who are already planning to undergo training soon, and then take exams for a driver's license.

Most often, potential drivers, or drivers already experienced in another class of transport, are interested in how to pass on the rights of category c or, at the same time that category B is already open. In our article we will try to get acquainted in more detail with the processes of opening all categories, including dealing with the question of how to pass for category E. In addition, we present the composition of the examinations for each of the categories according to the current legislation. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to be ready for the upcoming trials, as well as practice in practice.

First of all, it should be noted that in order to open a new category of driver's licenses, it is necessary to reach a clearly defined age.After all, it is known that each category has its own age thresholds. Do not forget about it, because not reaching a certain age, clearly established for each of the categories, it is simply not possible to pass on it.

How to open category A

Owners of two-wheeled motorized vehicles are the same full participants in road traffic, like everyone else. And, because they are required to pass on the right. Category A provides for the delivery of a theoretical exam, the tickets for which coincide with sets of tickets for delivery to category B.

Also, motorcyclists will need to pass a practical exam, consisting of the following exercises: “acceleration-deceleration”, “dimensional semicircle”, “dimensional corridor”, “control at low speed”, “rut”, “snake”, and also “dimensional eight” .

Opening category B

Future passenger car drivers will also need to begin to pass the traffic test. Category B also includes a practical exam, which usually consists of three exercises that the examiner chooses.The following exercises are possible: “snake”, “parallel parking in reverse”, or “stopping and starting on the rise”, “turning”, and also “entering the box”. It should be noted that special attention should be paid to the development of the last exercise, in view of its high popularity among the employees of the state traffic police.

In addition to all the above, motorists expect a practical exam in the city, during which the inspector will monitor the observance of traffic rules, as well as behavior, that is, the confidence of the examinee on the road.

How to open categories C and D

In order to pass on the category D or C, you must pass the following tests. At first, as well as being carried out, a theoretical exam with a standard set of tickets for all categories. After that, passing the practical exam at the circuit. The exercises that the examiner can offer are usually similar to the exercises given when passing to category B. At the very end, again, the most difficult part is, that is, passing the practical exam in the city. It is easy to see that passing on categories C and D is not particularly different from passing an exam on category B.Of course, adequate management of freight vehicles requires much more skill.

How to open category E

To obtain a driver's license with the E category inscribed in it, it will be necessary to pass practical exams at the circuit. When these exams are taken, standard “new” exercises are added to the standard exercises, namely “rectilinear reversing”, as well as “setting back to the platform”. The city exam with the all-seeing employee of the state traffic police will be the last one again. We are talking here about specialized equipment and therefore the age limit, which is clearly established for this category by legislation, is the highest.

It should also be mentioned that in order to qualify for category E, a person must have rights with an open category D, C or B, or all at the same time, for at least one year.

Cases where you do not need to re-take the exam

Passing on the next category of driver's license, you will have to pass practical exams in any case and this is inevitable. Theoretical exams can sometimes be eliminated.Next, we provide a nonlong list of these same cases:

  • Surrender to category B in the case of open category A, C or D.
  • Surrender to category C with open category D, as well as with open category B, if you have already passed before on B and C at the same time, but passed successfully only on B.
  • Letting on category D in the case of open category C.
  • Letting on category D with an open category B in the event that you have already passed earlier on B and C at the same time, did not successfully pass only on B.

Some useful facts

In conclusion of the topic under discussion, we present some important features of our legislation. The results of theoretical examinations have their effect only for three months from the date of delivery. Therefore, in the case when you fall under one of the cases described in the previous part of this article, but the period of your theoretical exam is at least three months and one more day, you will have to pass anew.


You should also mention separately the possibility of self-preparation for the delivery of theoretical exams, that is, without theoretical courses.Such an opportunity does exist, but only for categories A and B. Drivers who wish to obtain rights with open categories C, D or E must, in any case, be trained in the appropriate automobile school.

It remains only to wish you successful preparation and passing exams for the desired category, and then good luck on our roads!

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