How to paint a mask

The most important thing to pay attention to is the material from which your mask is made.
For fabric products, it is necessary to select non-flowing paints, for example, from JAVANA SUNNY. For the mask, made in the paper version, you can use watercolor or oil paint. The variant with embroidery will look beautiful if you add elements of beads in addition to decorating. Beads are good to sit on ordinary glue if the base is made of paper, and the product of the material can be simply embroidered.
Bright, saturated colors are suitable for carnivals and incendiary parties. If a corporate event is planned, it is better to give preference to more restrained, pastel tones. Play with colors in the style of "forest nymph" or portray the heroine of a famous cartoon. Do not give preference screaming images. Remember Bridget Jones in the eponymous comedy and do not repeat such feats.
When you collect a kid for a holiday, the version with the image of animals and fairy-tale characters of the cartoon genre will look great.Choose heroes with the most simple features of the face to make it easier to achieve proximity to the original.

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