How to open a pet store?

As with any type of business, opening a pet store is accompanied by several stages. It should be noted that the prospects for such a business idea are quite good, because even a small outlet can bring substantial income to the owner. In order to open a pet store and avoid various unforeseen situations, you should find out how this process occurs. Read what you need to open a pet shop.

Business plan

It should be taken very seriously. It is necessary to record all the upcoming expenses that will arise when opening a pet store. At first glance it may seem that the store does not require a large investment of money, but this is not at all the case. Do not forget that it will be necessary to pay for the rental of premises, repairs, maintenance of the premises, preparation for the opening, numerous procurement operations, commercial equipment, advertising company, as well as pay wages to employees. Remember that a well-designed pet store business plan is half the success of your new business.

If you have the necessary experience, you can compose it yourself, but if you doubt your abilities - entrust this business to an experienced specialist. Comparing the start of a business with the construction of a house, the business plan can be presented as a foundation, that is, a foundation. Be very attentive at this stage.

Documents for opening a pet store

The next step is registration. It should be noted that when choosing a field of activity, it is necessary to indicate not only retail trade, but also the provision of services to the public. You may need this in the future if you decide to expand your field of activity and open, for example, an atelier for animal clothing or a grooming salon. After receiving an extract from the State Register, you must register with the Pension Fund and the Tax Inspectorate. It should be noted that if you decide to expand your range with various veterinary preparations, you should receive a number of permits. In order to implement the sale of drugs requires a license that can be obtained only if there is a veterinarian in the staff. If you decide to sell animals, you will need to get the appropriate certificates. It should be noted that the list of required documents is constantly changing.Therefore, to clarify it should contact your local registration authorities.

Choice of room

It is best to open a pet store next to large retail outlets (supermarkets, markets), parking lots or residential neighborhoods. The main thing is to examine the terrain and make sure that there are no competitors. Retail space should be chosen with sufficient space. Do not forget that you need a place not only for the trading floor, but also for the warehouse and utility room. After choosing the room you need to decide on the necessary equipment. For a small point there will be enough a pair of racks, showcases, scales for the sale of bulk feed and cash equipment. If you open a large pet store, then you will also need to purchase equipment for keeping animals and a refrigerator for veterinary products. Then you will need to order the manufacture of signs. Let it be bright and well noticeable so that passersby would pay attention to it.


The opening of the pet store includes the selection of qualified personnel. The seller should not only be well versed in the goods, properly advise buyers, but also love animals. In addition, it is desirable and the seller of veterinary specialization.After all, it is the veterinarian who can give practical advice for treating an animal in a given situation. Also in the state should enter the position of director, chief accountant and merchandiser.


The next step is to carefully consider the range of products. The wider it will be, the greater the number of buyers will be able to attract. You can start from the very minimum, and in the process of work gradually expand the range of products. So it will be possible to avoid extra costs for not in demand goods. Pet stores usually offer the following product groups:

  • pet food
  • various accessories
  • toys
  • care products: combs, shampoos, etc.
  • vitamins
  • aquariums
  • medicinal
  • remedies (for getting rid of the most common diseases)

In addition, it is desirable to think about the inclusion in the range of different innovative product groups:

  • furniture for pets
  • pet clothes

Supplier search

Now you know how to open a pet store, it remains to figure out one more question - the search for suppliers. It is easiest to search for them using the Internet.It should be noted that when choosing suppliers, one should pay attention not only to the cost of goods, but also to the possibility of returning any goods. You may want to return a product that will not be in demand from buyers. If you have a desire to sell animals, then it should be noted that guinea pigs, hamsters, decorative rabbits, parrots are in great demand. At the same time you need to think about related products that the buyer can purchase with these animals. For example, selling birds, you can offer customers to buy a cage, food, drinker, container for food, various decorations for the cage. After the assortment is thought out, you will need to purchase the right product, arrange it on the shelves into categories and meet the first customers.

Remember, as with any business, the opening of the pet store should be treated with love. In any case, there will be some difficulties, but do not be nervous, panic. Just follow the clearly defined route and good luck will surely accompany you.

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