How to open a currency exchange

You will need
  • - contract with the bank;
  • - room;
  • - staff;
  • - working capital.
In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a currency exchange office can be opened exclusively by a credit institution. Therefore, an individual entrepreneur must obtain the support of the bank in advance. As a rule, these institutions are of medium or small format.
Next, proceed to the search room. It should not be large, six square meters is enough, but it should be in a crowded place. Well, if you manage to find a room near the hotel, hotel or a large shopping center. Conclude a lease agreement for a long term, because the exchange office will pay back all investments and will begin to bring net income only after a year.
Equip your room with an armored door and window. There should also be security, fire alarms and hoods. In addition, you will need a computer with software (usually provided by a bank), a safe, a banknote recognition detector and a banknote counter. Currency exchange should also be equipped with an information stand for customers.
Next, take the staff recruitment. You will need two cashiers and two guards who will work on a schedule, for example, two in two days. You must completely trust your employees, but still it is better to act on the principle of "trust, but verify." Equip your item with a video surveillance system, periodically arrange test purchases.
Exchange points earn on the difference in exchange rates. Therefore, in order to carry out exchange activities, you will need cash for its sale and purchase. At a minimum, working capital should be between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars. They must be constantly in point, and they are not collected.

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