How To Manifest Anything! -Very Powerful Tool! (Law Of Attraction)

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How to Manifest Anything

Please be advised in the first place,that it is widely known that we do not manifest from the brain, from the mind alone. Since the brain naturally has a positive and a negative side and that also is nature of thoughts, if our manifestation is successful (and I wish for everyone that it will be) that we are automatically attracting the equal negative side with it.

And this wants to be understood fully. Since the majority of us approach spirituality with a world-view of pure positivity. This is not wrong, but it is not (yet) the complete picture. It requires both positive and negative to create. And negative wants to be understood as nothing bad nor wrong. It is of equal value. If you fully and truly understand this, you can create from the mind.

If you would like a more wholesome approach, then please focus solely on your heart. Our heart is much more primal than our brain and thus it is purer and most importantly In Unity. And this Unity represents The Universe's Existence and Creation itself. So, please consider learning more aboutManifesting from the Heart.

This article in it's Original Version only shows the version of the mind.


You can create the experiences you want. Your mind has the energy to bring into existence what you want to manifest.


  1. Accept and acknowledge that your thoughts are forms of energy that contain the seeds of your future experience.
  2. Learn to still your mind.Meditation is both easy and difficult. Once you master the meditative state, begin to introduce a specific word like 'happiness' or an image (sort of like your personal logo) in which you have invested some meaning (like a check with a specific amount on it).
  3. Reinforce this technique by keeping a new reality journal.In it write accounts in the present tense (as if happening now) of what you do, say, think in the experience that you are manifesting.
  4. Make way for new experiences by consciously changing old habits and routines.Take a new route to work. Get up earlier. Have something different for breakfast. Give up some things.
  5. Create rituals to symbolize your expected outcome.If you are manifesting a new car, buy something small that symbolizes it.
  6. Enlist the support of all supportive forces:trusted friends, favorite places, inspiring music, or even your own created talismans.

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    After abusive relationships, how do I break the cycle, especially now that I have PTSD?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Manifesting can be helpful, but you should definitely seek therapy for the PTSD.
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    • If you want to manifest a fortune, always carry around 100 dollars or more in your wallet. Wherever you go, look at the stores around you, and tell yourself "If I wanted to, I could go in there right now and buy that!" but don't actually buy it. Actually spending 100 dollars is a lot less satisfying compared to spending 100 dollars 10, 20, 30 times mentally. This will attract a lot of money towards you if you can imagine what it'd be like.


  • Remembering, manifesting is really about being positive which is great. Even if you don't believe it, give being positive and manifesting a good long try. At the very least it will get you thinking more positively. The only thing you have to lose is negative thinking. This works for so many, it is incredible.
  • Resist the temptation to let events which seem inconsistent with the new experience you are creating distract you.
  • Beware of learned helplessness and those who exploit it. Regardless of whether you consult a physical teacher; books, videos, a CD, cassettes or a DVD, they all end up simply telling you to look back into your own heart and mind for the answers and results you seek.
  • Don't get trapped into the idea that you have to pay a fortune to something to have someone else teach you how to do this. You can research it for free at the library and on line.

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