How to make your home money tree bloom

A jade (Tree) or money tree stands on the windowsill of every second, but few know that it also blooms with incredibly beautiful flowers. People say that a fat woman can bring wealth and well-being. So how to persuade the money tree to bloom and bring good luck to the house?

Why the money tree does not bloom:

1. Tolskoyanka rarely blooms, and the flowering period will need to wait. In addition, for the first time a fat woman blooms "at the age of" about 5 years.

2. The fat woman perfectly survives on almost any soil and does not need abundant moisture. Therefore, if you water a flower abundantly, then do not wait for the flowering of the money tree.

How to make your money tree blossom:

  1. Use water at room temperature for irrigation.
  2. Fertilize and feed the plant. You can use the same fertilizer as for the cactus.
  3. In the spring, when the cold weather has passed, start carrying the flower to fresh air, or ventilate the apartment.
  4. As the flower grows, periodically replant it in a new pot.
  5. Get rid of bad and old leaves.

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