How to make the easiest waffle cake

You will need
  • - 7 ready wafer cakes;
  • - 350 g dark chocolate;
  • - 40 ml of rum;
  • - 115 ml of milk;
  • - 205 g of butter;
  • - 235 g of vanilla tahini halva;
  • - 70 g of sugar.
Cut butter into small cubes, put in a small saucepan. Fill them with milk and put in a water bath over medium heat. Boil, stirring constantly: the butter should melt.
Crumble halva - in this recipe it adds an unusual texture to the filling and a pleasant nutty shade on the palate. Break the chocolate into small pieces.
Add halva, chocolate and sugar to the pan to the butter-milk mixture. Keep in mind that for sweetness, chocolate can be completely different, so try and not pour all the sugar at once: it is possible that you may not need it at all!
Boil for about 6 minutes until the mass of chocolate and sugar is completely dissolved and the mass becomes completely homogeneous. Remove the mixture from the heat and pour in 40 ml of rum.If you like cinnamon, you can add another half teaspoon of this spice. Stir again.
Allow the mixture to cool completely and coat the wafer cakes. Cover the top of the cake with cream and decorate as desired, for example, with nuts or wafer crumbs. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours.
Serve, cut into small pieces, as the cake is quite sweet and nutritious.

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