How to make sure that your feet do not freeze: a simple way that saves in winter!

In frosty weather, the first step is to freeze the legs.

Due to slow circulationfeet quickly become cold, which leads to various unpleasant consequences.

But how to protect yourselffor colds, cystitis, kidney diseases and everything else? How to warm your feet if even warm winter boots and socks do not help? There is one simple and effective way that will help you to heat up literally in 5 minutes!

For this you will needscissors, pen (marker) and heat reflector (foil heat reflector, which is installed behind the batteries, you can buy at any hardware store).

foil heat reflector

How to make
1.Remove the insole from your winter shoes and attach it to the sheet of heat reflector.
2.Using a pen or marker, circle the edges of the insole.
3.Cut the insole out of the heat reflector with scissors and place it under the usual one in your shoes.

And one more important point:To make your legs “breathe better”, punch several holes with a diameter of 3-4 mm in the insole.

Now your feet will not freeze,because the heat reflector will return heat to them and prevent the ingress of cold from the ground.

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