How to make simple home accessories with your own hands?

The atmosphere in our house depends only on people who live in it. That's why going into one apartment, we do not want to leave it, so comfortable we feel. And from another house you want to escape as quickly as possible, although visually everything is normal in it. The energy of the houses in which we live is very strong. In order for you to feel comfortable in your home, it is important to continually make efforts to improve it. The best way for this is home accessories made by hand.

Absolutely many people know that the image is completed by accessories. But for most of us, this expression is associated exclusively with the appearance of a woman. Although in fact accessories play a role in many areas of our lives.

Despite the huge selection of different products in stores, in fact, everywhere we see the same thing. Same colors, styles and materials. But after all, I want so much uniqueness in my life, at least in details.Therefore, you can go in two ways: the first - to buy accessories for a house in expensive antique shops, the second - to make their own pens.

It is better to give preference to the second option, because only in this case you will get what you really want - a beautiful and unique thing in your interior.

Even the most standard repairs can be turned into a real work of art, decorating it with unusual elements. These can be: beautiful pillows, vases, paintings, photographs and frames, clocks, curtains. We consider the main ideas for the design of the house.

Decorative pillows

Pillows are designed to make a person not only comfortable to lie on the sofa, but also to create comfort in the house. A large number of pillows can make a bright accent in the completion of a holistic room design.

Cushions with their own hands can be made from different materials. For example, from the remnants of tissue. When sewing things never throw pieces of fabric. Cut them, sew bright threads between each other and you will have a nice pillow. Decorate it with lace, and it may well be a good gift.

Recently, knitted pillows have become a fashionable accessory for the house. Lovers of this type of needlework will not be difficult to tie small pillows. Choose the original pattern and colored yarn. Pack such pillows with soft material.

You can decorate standard pillows with decorative elements, for example, buttons. It is unlikely that such a pillow will want to bury your face, but it will look unusual and attractive.

The pillow can also be transformed with the help of applications, embroidery, beads and bows. And you can also put a pet photo on the pillow. There are many ideas, so choose something that is more suitable for your interior.


No romantic dinner can be imagined without such an element as candles. And it is better to put them in beautiful candlesticks. This element of the interior, unfortunately, is not as popular as before. But only candles in candlesticks are capable of giving the house aristocracy and luxury.

Candlesticks can be made from anything: glasses, cans and cloth. You can also give a second life to the old and thrown candlestick.

Glass glasses can be painted beautifully with paints and pasted with stones. Metal cans tie a beautiful ribbon or tie a cover of beautiful threads.

Old candlesticks rub, remove rust and paint the selected color.

Just look gorgeous beaded covers. Weaving it is not difficult, but it looks like a real work of art.

As an accessory for home can become a pretty mat in the bathroom. It is not necessary to put your own photo on it, no matter how pleasant it is when you are being trampled on. But it is quite possible to sew it from different fabrics or to glue it with decorative stones.

With the help of special paints, you can decorate kitchen appliances, for example a sugar bowl. Do not rush to throw out old dressers, dishes and carpets. Professional designers literally hunt for these items, as they know that they can become real accents in the interior of any home.

Use accessories in the design of your house, and then you will certainly be pleased to return to it again and again.

In the following articles, we will discuss in more detail the various ideas for creating home accessories with our own hands.

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