How to make money on surveys?

Surely, everyone out of the corner of his eye saw somewhere information about paid surveys or, maybe, heard. Here we will talk about what paid surveys are, how to make money from surveys and how much you can really earn.

What are paid surveys

Paid surveys are questionnaires that pay money to fill out on the Internet. Paid surveys are needed for marketing research in a particular area. The themes of the polls are very different. There are polls on political topics, on the topic of using the Internet. In addition, there are polls in which your opinion about a product, drug, or advertising is important. Remember! It is important the opinion of people not involved in the sale, advertising or production. In other words, it is important the opinion of the average buyer. Do not forget about age restrictions. Basically, only citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18 can earn on paid surveys.

How to start earning

In order to earn online polls, you need to register on the site, fill out a form, enter your e-mail.Your future earnings depend on how much you fill out the questionnaire. The more hobbies you have, the higher your income. Put checkmarks in front of almost all products, as a sign that you use them regularly. Then regular email invitations will be sent to your email for a particular survey. The letter immediately indicates the cost of the survey, a link to the survey.

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And yet, how to make money on surveys and where to register for this?

Rewards for surveys are very different: from bonuses and certificates, to a decent cash reward. In any case, it is necessary to accumulate a certain amount in order to be able to use it.

  • For example, on the site for passing the survey pay from 40 to 100 rubles. This site has one advantage over the others. Before you start a survey, you need to complete a short survey. If you are not suitable for the further passage of the questionnaire, you still pay from 5 to 15 rubles. The only "BUT" to withdraw cash from this site, you must accumulate at least 1000 rubles. The average time of the survey is 20 minutes.
  • The site pays from 40 to 300 rubles for the survey.If you started filling out the questionnaire, but did not come up for a survey, the moral compensation is 5 rubles. To withdraw funds, you need to dial 500 rubles.
  • The site offers polls on average taking 15 minutes of your time. Payment - 50-200 rubles for the survey. Money transfer to your account is possible upon reaching the amount of 150 rubles.
  • From the site, the money earned (from 200 rubles) can be transferred to a mobile phone account.
  • On the site you will be rewarded for each survey from 15 to 300 rubles. Withdrawals are possible if there are more than 100 rubles on the account.

Nice bonuses

All of the above sites practice the accrual of fees for inviting friends. Have a so-called referral system. You get a referral link, and if someone registers with this link, you get a cash reward.

In addition, many sites engaged in conducting paid surveys regularly hold various contests, drawings of certificates, valuable prizes, etc.

How much can you earn?

You can earn on paid surveys. But it is worth noting that this is difficult to do. Survey invitations are rare. And if they come, then you do not fit half of them, and you get only 5 rubles per attempt. It is still possible to accumulate a minimum amount of 300 rubles per month. And it is hard to save 1000 rubles.

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