How to make mom a gift with your own hands

Mom is the dearest and dearest person in the world, with the tenderness of whose hands even silk can not be compared. She gives children affection, kindness, love and warmth. To thank her for caring, the children are trying to please something fabulous, kind and beautiful. Therefore, the question of how to give your mother a birthday gift on March 8 and March is relevant.

On the eve of the holiday, I want to give my mom some joy, but the pace of life does not always allow to achieve an effect. We buy gifts on the fly, as a result they do not convey our emotions.

At a young age I was eager to make my mother pleasant surprises. Hiding in a secluded corner, pasted, painted or sewed. We can not say that gifts were masterpieces, but my mother liked them.

List of interesting ideas

If you plan to please mommy, I will help by offering some interesting ideas. I think tips on making gifts will come in handy.

  1. Embroidery. Surely the lessons of work had to embroider. If mom has a birthday plan, remember the skills. Embroider a beautiful napkin, pillow or picture. Need thread and knitting tools.
  2. Bouquet of sweets. A gift that combines sweetness and beauty. The creation of a gift will take a lot of time and effort, and the result may be hampered by the lack of imagination. Look for photos on the Internet that will help you choose the idea. It will remain to realize the idea with the help of sweets, corrugated paper and other materials.
  3. Cooking. As a gift, give your mother a cake, sponge cake or pancakes. Even if you do not shine culinary talents, use the recipe for a simple dessert. If the mother is watching the figure and does not eat pastries and sweets, make a light salad, the unusual design of which will bring a lot of positive.
  4. Paper gift. Paper is a material from which you can make any thing: a bouquet of flowers, a jewelry box, a bookmark for books, or a garland. Even a homemade postcard will complement the main gift.
  5. Photo collage. Each mom has a few dozen favorite photos, reminiscent of the wonderful moments of life. After making a collage, combine them into one picture. For this creative skills are not needed. Use spiritual photographs.

At your disposal received interesting ideas.Regardless of the option chosen, Mom will be delighted. Remember, the value of the gift does not play the first role. The main thing is to give with the soul. And only the gift created by himself will become valuable and provide a lot of joy.

A birthday present for mom

Heart from a tree with own hands

Birthday is an excellent event and a wonderful occasion to demonstrate love to a loved one with the help of a good and soulful gift.

Buy a gift is not difficult, but sometimes financial opportunities do not allow you to get something worthwhile. I hasten to please you, to spend money is not necessary if there is free time and diligence.

Perfect surprise as a gift to mom

Agree with the household, so that at the right moment they call mother for a walk. The apartment or house will be at your disposal, and nothing will interfere with the plans. After leaving mom start work.

  1. Arm yourself with gloves, a rag and a set of cleaning products. With their help you will put order in the house. After cleaning do not forget to air the room.
  2. If there is a small lawn near the house, be sure to visit this place. Create a composition of flowers, herbs and twigs. I think mom will like this gift.
  3. If it is winter outside, do not be discouraged. On one of the windowsills you will find several pots with flowering plants. Decorate them with lush bows and place them in a prominent place.
  4. The interior deserves special attention. Paper bows, shiny threads, balloons, decorative chains and garlands are suitable for decoration. The main thing is not to overdo it.
  5. Cover the festive table. If you own culinary art, prepare a birthday cake, sweet cake or fruit salad. A festive treat for the mother will be even fruit jelly or charlotte with mastic. Any of these dishes will emphasize juliens with mushrooms.
  6. If there are stationery and decorative baubles, make a gift card. Bows, sparkles, beads, rhinestones and foil will do. After drying, complement the work with congratulatory words.
  7. So we came to create the main gift. This is a documentary film, the main character of which will be the mother. Make it easy. It will take a computer, a dozen photos with a picture of Mom, an application for creating commercials and a song. Decorate the finished composition with effects, burn it to a disk and insert a postcard.

Bringing an idea to life will require concentration and action.As for the effect that the work will provide, it will be tremendous.

Video Tips

Imagine the mom's reaction on returning home. Opening the door of the apartment, she sees the cleanliness and order, along with the laid table and other gifts. Believe me, a comprehensive gift will allow you to plunge headlong into an atmosphere of joy and happiness. In addition, there will be an occasion for pride for children.

DIY gift for mother on March 8

Beautiful basket with flowers

March 8 is a special spring holiday requiring appropriate preparation, the main stage of which is the choice of a gift. Every person on this day seeks to please his wife, girlfriend or mother.

The cost of the gift is not the most important indicator. The main thing is that the present corresponded to family traditions. Some people buy an iron, a food processor or a washing machine. If there is no money to buy an expensive gift, do not give up. A gift made personally will bring no less emotion and joy.

Stand for hot

Mom often has to stand at the stove, and such a thing will ease her fate. To create the required ceramic tiles, glue, soft drape and paint for pottery.

  • Decide on a picture. If fantasy is not enough to come up with a beautiful sketch, look for the image in magazines or on the Internet. On March 8, flowers are associated with a thematic inscription.
  • Using a carbon copy, transfer the picture to the tile. As a result, the contours of the image will be clear. To color the picture, use special paints, otherwise the stand will quickly deteriorate.
  • After applying the paint, wait for it to dry.. Place the tile on a baking sheet and send it to a cold oven, light a fire, wait until the temperature rises to 170 degrees and turn off the gas in twenty minutes. I recommend to get the tile out of the oven after it has cooled down completely.
  • Final stage. It will remain to cut a blank of the tile to the appropriate size of the tile and glue it on the back side. This will protect the kitchen furniture from unpleasant scratches and chips.

Spring bouquet

On March 8, it is customary to give fresh flowers. Men know this. If the gift wants to make a small child, you do not need to run to the flower shop, it is enough to take a piece of paper and multi-colored paint.

  1. Pour some paint into a small saucer.The baby should dip his palm and leave a print on the paper. The result is the head of the flower. As a bouquet is created, there will be several such prints.
  2. Draw your feet and leaves. Even small children can cope with the task. For security reasons, adults should be involved in the creative process.

Secret message

The idea is suitable for people who want to give their mother an original gift, but there is no money to buy. To create a take a sheet of paper, lemon juice, colored paint, foam sponge and thick brush.

  • On paper, paint the name of the holiday. Using a brush and lemon juice, write a secret wish. Mom does not read it with the naked eye.
  • Having received a gift, mother will be surprised, especially if you hint that this is a surprise. She will not solve the riddle. Therefore, tell me that the paper should be heated. Under the influence of temperature, the inscription becomes visible.

Gift examples

Create a gift slowly, trying to put love and soul. In this case, it will warm, please and leave pleasant memories.

Gifts from paper with your own hands for mom

Paper rose in gift box

Hand-made gifts are nice to give and receive.They bring a huge amount of joy and demonstrate care. I'll share some interesting ways and lists of creating unique crafts for the birthday, March 8 and any other case.

Butterfly panel

A wonderful gift to which my mother will be delighted. To create a multi-colored paper and cardboard, an image of butterflies, a frame, a pencil, scissors and a bit of glue.

  1. Print the images of butterflies on paper. Desirable, simple and different size. Glue the sheet with butterflies onto the cardboard and cut the blanks.
  2. Place the blanks on the colored paper and use the pencil to mark the contours. It remains to cut the butterflies.
  3. Start the assembly panels. Lay out the cut butterflies on a clean sheet of paper. Bend each butterfly in half. The place of the fold should be wide. Using glue, butterflies fasten on paper.
  4. Apply a layer of adhesive only on the fold. As a result, the wings of the butterflies will remain free, and the finished composition - the bulk. After drying the panels decorate with a pattern and insert into the frame.

Bouquet of paper flowers

This present is both simple and cute at the same time. If a mother has a bad mood, having received a present, she will become kinder and more cheerful.For the manufacture of enough colored paper, pencil, some beads and spangles, scissors and a tube of glue.

  • On a sheet of yellow paper, draw a large flower and cut. If you want to make a bouquet of five flowers, you will need five yellow blanks of the same size.
  • On red paper, draw a flower of similar shape, but reduced in size. Then repeat the procedure of copying and cutting. The result will be five red blanks.
  • Using orange paper, make small blanks in the same quantity.
  • From three blanks of different color and size, form a flower. Be sure to slightly shift the petals.
  • Cut out five squares from green paper. The size of the side of the workpiece must correspond to the length of the stem. Roll the squares into tubes and seal the edges.
  • Cut out ten pieces of green paper and stick them on different sides to the stems. It will remain to combine flowers with stalks, decorate with beads and sparkles. To make the bouquet live, bend the petals slightly.
  • From the finished flowers form a bouquet and tie it with a beautiful ribbon. Put in a vase. Get a masterpiece.

A mural of butterflies will decorate the bedroom, and a bouquet of flowers will have a place on the desktop. From paper, you can create Christmas gifts.

Choosing a gift is a difficult task, the solution of which is accompanied by a waste of time, effort and money. It is not surprising, because everyone wants to please a loved one and bring a bit of joy into mom's life. Previously, I also had to face difficulties, until I gave up the purchase of presents. Now I give to my loved ones things done at home.

A gift made with his own hand has a large number of advantages over the purchase. I consider uniqueness to be the main positive quality. Having handed over such a thing to a close person, you can be sure that there are no such things in the world.

The whole charm of the lesson comes down to the fact that the manufacturing technology of this or that thing can be changed by adding or removing elements or using more materials. Everyone can create bright, original and unforgettable gifts for all occasions.

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I hope the material has opened something new and interesting for you and will help to please your loved ones with exclusive gifts.

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