How to make crafts at Shrovetide

In ancient Russia, the people cheerfully celebrated the farewell of winter and the meeting of spring. Regardless of their age, people were looking forward to this holiday - Shrovetide! The whole Maslenitsa week was accompanied by everyday merry festivities, gift giving, various games and dances, and sleigh rides. At the end of all these events, people gathered in the square and burned a scarecrow, which symbolized the final farewell to winter.

One of the ways to attract children to participate in Shrovetide is to conduct all kinds of contests and exhibitions of themed crafts. This allows them to further develop their imagination and motor skills, to find a new hobby for themselves, as well as to please their own people with gifts made with their own hands.

Our article will help you in creating such unique crafts for Shrovetide, which will be fun for the child himself, and for the person to whom they will eventually be presented. Here are 10 unique master classes - how to make crafts on Maslenitsa do-it-yourself with step by step photos and videos.



Crafts for Maslenitsa

DIY crafts on Shrove Tuesday

01. Postcard to Shrovetide from plasticine with the image of the sun

If you find it difficult to come up with a motive for a children's card dedicated to the meeting of Maslenitsa, then we recommend you this detailed photo course. In late February, the winter gives up its position, goes to the center of the hall for the last time, is angry and does not want to give up its authority. From the bright and already slightly warming sun, which has flown in from the south to the birds, along the streams running around it can be seen that the winter left to play the main role for long. And the perfect object for copying, if we are talking about crafts to Shrovetide, and is the sun - warm, bright and so desired.

On the postcard dedicated to the very first spring and the most recent winter holiday, we will depict the sun, as is often done in Russia. It will smile to us, will give its affection. Do not feel sorry for the ornaments and fancy elements for its manufacture.

Crafts for Maslenitsa with your own hands

Get started with picking materials. You will need:

  • paper;
  • bright plasticine;
  • A delicate toothpick tool.

Paper is the foundation of the entire composition. We always imagine a greeting card standard, paper, bright, decorated with some thematic pattern. Plain clay is perfectly attached to colored cardboard. Soft mass, like glue, remains on the surface.

But if you still fear that with time the beautiful sun and the inscription disappear, then after work just laminate your gift or pack it in transparent cellophane with a stapler. In this lesson, we chose a cardboard of blue color - this is the real spring sky, in which a hot star shone and we all smile.

podelki-na-maslenicu (2)

The rays of the sun can be made multicolored and different in length, so that the whole hack would look even more interesting. Mash in the palms of red and yellow clay. Then from each piece individually tear off pieces of clay of different sizes. Roll your fingers on a hard surface thin sausages. Or you can make 1 long sausage, then cut it into segments of different lengths in a stack.

Paste the received sausages in the center of the postcard, alternating by color. Create thick and hot rays of the future sun.The very appearance of the star, we will draw on the orange cake. Make it, by measuring the size with the circle created by the rays.

podelki-na-maslenicu (3)

Glue the orange cake to the center. Paste a yellow flat cake on top, but smaller.

podelki-na-maslenicu (4)

Now come up with facial features. It can be eyes, make them expressive with the help of white eyelids and cilia. Add a red smile and nose. Now we have a gentle and kind sun in front of us - it has already approached the earth, giving its warmth to people.

podelki-na-maslenicu (5)

From the thin white threads make spirals for the ornament. Form a sufficient number of identical in size and shape of parts to glue them all around the circle. Now decorate your little sun.

podelki-na-maslenicu (6)

And the last small detail - the word "C Maslenitsa." You can add it to the top or bottom of the card

podelki-na-maslenicu (7)

An interesting, warm and festive spring souvenir is ready. It must be presented to someone.

02. Straw effigy with donuts on Shrovetide

With this holiday, which lasts a whole week, a lot of beliefs, legends, traditions are connected. One of them is the burning of a homemade straw stuffed animal, a similar ritual is needed to attract a rich harvest. To make crafts for the holiday Maslenitsa, you can portray a stuffed animal. What it should be, no one will say for sure, but more often such a figure is made from straw.

Straw effigy with bagel

To make a card dedicated to Shrovetide, prepare:

  • suitable color cardboard
  • plasticine;
  • toothpick.

Choose a color matching board. Now it is necessary to fantasize and draw on it the main Shrovetide object - a scarecrow, using clay. All plasticine details will be flat, but the picture as a whole is three-dimensional.

053 (2)

Now you need to make a straw man yourself. The option that we will offer here is quite long. You will almost jewelry work - modeling of individual straws from plasticine.

Most of all for the widest body suitable yellow and orange color (or brown,if the first two are not available). With your fingers, tear off small pieces of clay from the bars, warm them in your hands, then immediately roll up the small pellets. Make 2 servings of oblong orange and yellow color.

053 (3)

Now start building the body of the centerpiece. It will be a straw woman, wide, with a skirt, everything must be done from straw. Begin at the bottom center to attach the prepared pieces of orange and yellow flowers, alternating them with each other.

Also, gradually, press each piece down with a toothpick from above. Stick a wide enough row for the hem of the skirt. If all the details you have are different in length, then the edge will turn out to be uneven, as if torn - this effect should be achieved.

053 (4)

Then continue to stick on top of small parts, alternating by color. Make the second, third row, the number of parts in them gradually reduce. This will result in a trapezoid skirt. Do not forget to press down each new sprig with a toothpick.

053 (5)

Usually, stuffed animals wear any old clothes. Here you can dazzle a white oval cake, paste as the central part of the figure.For greater likelihood, add a few dark patches.

053 (6)

Continue to move up and shape the rest of the pieces. To the sides, start to scatter the hands, also made of straw. From above paste a round dark flat cake - a head.

053 (7)

Glue 2 hands. Glue your eyes, ruddy cheeks and smile on a round head.

053 (8)

On the head also make a wreath of straw twigs - a kind of rainbow edging. Now we have a cheerful effigy - it accompanies the harsh winter and attracts spring.

Now glue in the upper part of the picture brown bagels and donuts - originally Russian treats. Maslenitsa, as if juggling them.

053 (9)

Write with plasticine Shrovetide, add small bright decorations.

053 (10)

Our postcard is ready!

053 (11)

03. Crafts on Shrovetide paper

This hand-made article will be a souvenir, a symbol of the awakening of nature after a long and harsh time of year. Be sure to make the product sunny and cheerful.A suitable option is to depict a warm and tender light. We will make such a gift from paper in 2 accounts.

To show the sun, you need to make a circle - face, rays, put it all together, like a designer. And so that the sun ascended high into the sky, put it on the clouds. There is an interesting work for children, for which they will be happy to take. Even if it’s still cold outside the window, get to work, because spring-style crafts are always relevant.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz -bumagi (1)

To prepare a postcard, prepare:

  • the traditional four tools for working with paper: pencil, ruler, scissors, glue;
  • set of colored paper and cardboard;
  • colored pens.

We need to create a canvas for the postcard. And it will not be just a paper on which all the details are mounted. This is, first of all, the background, which must necessarily fit the subject of the picture. Since the central figure is the sun in the clouds, the background color should be heavenly - pale blue. Select the appropriate option.

Also, the postcard should be thick, so the stiffness of the paper also matters.Cut a rectangle of suitable size from paper of the selected color.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz -bumagi (2)

Draw the outline of a cloud on a blue cardboard. It is necessary to draw a wavy line around the circumference. Cut out the cloud. Also make a blank for the label. For this more suitable soft two-color paper. Cut a rectangle, pulling the corners to the sides. Write in the center "With Maslenitsa!" Pens.

Then grease the tips with glue and curl the sides of the tube. Get an interesting inscription volume. Do not press the paper so that the tubes remain voluminous.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz -bumagi (3)

Stick the blue cloud onto the paper, but not in the center. From above, add the finished inscription. The sun needs to show a face and a lot of rays.

Cut a circle out of yellow paper, and also prepare a thin straw made of thick orange cardboard. The length of the straw does not need to be identical, in the future you still have to cut and size the rays.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz -bumagi (4)

Begin to glue the rays to the picture. Lubricate the base with glue only. First, decorate one part of the sun, densely arranging the orange parts around the circumference. Next, paste the yellow circle.The head of the sun should be placed on the ends of the rays.

On the other hand, also add orange tabs. But there will be few of them, since above the face of the luminary will be covered with small white clouds. On the attractive face draw eyes, mouth, blush. Make a positive face look at us from the postcard.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz -bumagi (5)

Collect all the paper details. Wait until the glue dries. If you want, then add sparkles. A cheerful children's card is ready. A unique greeting card for the Russian national holiday will surely find its owner, cheer him up, cheer him up.

otkhytka-k-maslenice-iz-bumagi (6)

Crafting Paper Shrovetide from Paper

04. Postcard with stuffed plasticine

This unusual present for Shrovetide can be made with your own hands.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (1)

The meeting of winter and spring is a traditional Russian holiday, which children and old people are waiting with impatience. How do you want to wait for the end of a long winter, to meet the red spring with honors and gifts, to drive around the campfire, to participate in fun festivals.Maslenitsa is sure to be met with a rich table, cheerful mood, and exciting handicrafts. We offer an option for children's creativity - a creative hack for Shrovetide in the form of a postcard.

For a colorful greeting card, prepare:

  • colored cardboard;
  • plasticine, among which there should be a brown color;
  • stack.

DIY greeting card for Shrovetide

Take the paper for work. If you have ready-made sheets of cardboard in the format of an ordinary small postcard, use them. If there are A4 sheets, then cut out blanks of the required size from them or even use the entire sheet to make a large and noticeable masterpiece for the exhibition. We picked up the green color - it symbolizes the awakening of nature. Against such a background, the bright, blinding sun, the very effigy of Maslenitsa will look great.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (2)

Our background will be not just green, boring, but bright, bathed in sunshine. Use a piece of soft yellow wax plasticine to simulate the sun's rays. First, prepare a piece for work, if it is tight, then mash it thoroughly in your hands.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (3)

Now take an easy step - with your fingers, spread soft yellow clay along the surface of the cardboard with a very thin layer. Make a blurred sun in the center, as if spring is just around the corner, the rays shine brighter, warm more and more, but it's hard for us to look at them with the naked eye.

Now that the background has been created completely, let's move on to modeling our central figure - the Maslenitsa's masquerade. This is a straw figure or a figurine made of branches.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (4)

The figurine does not have to be brown and plain. You can add a lot of bright details, because people are looking forward to the red spring. From red and beige plasticine make the workpiece for the head - a cake and a ball. Cut the pellet immediately with a stack along the edge.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (5)

Glue the red tortilla on the canvas; sharpen all the segments after the incision. Glue a beige ball to the center, press down to the top of a round cake. It will be a stuffed head. Below, start fixing your body and arms outstretched from the brown mass.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (6)

The skirt can be made pink, decorated with intricate ornaments. Glue a trapezoidal part.

otkrytka-s-chuchelom (7)

Make a smiling face - blue-eyed and ruddy. At the top, apply the clay inscription "With Maslenitsa!".

Postcard with a stuffed clay

If you think that the design is not bright enough, then add colorful ribbons. Mold plasticine threads, stick to your head, hands and to other places at will. An interesting postcard for the spring meeting is ready.

 otkrytka-s-chuchelom (9)

05. Crafts on the Pancake Day for the smallest - the sun out of paper

The sun is a bright and kind hack that is designed for the youngest children. It will not be difficult to make a smiling radiant face from corrugated paper, the soft texture of which is pleasant to the touch. Children can even cut sheets with plastic scissors or tear them into pieces with their fingers, and then twist thin rays and glue to the base.

So, you and your children invite a small copy of the warm sun to the home, it will warm the whole family, it will become a good talisman. It will be interesting to do this work on a rainy day, when there is so little light, or in winter, when it’s a long time to walk outside.

053 (1)

What you need to complete crafts on Shrovetide for kindergarten:

  • A circle of cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Yellow corrugated paper;
  • Glue stick;
  • White and black paper for the face;
  • Glitter.

Yellow crape paper is a material that will allow you to reproduce the bright and soft surface of the craft. This color can only be replaced by orange and no other, if you plan to make the sun exactly. Thin rays will be attached to the cardboard with glue.

From above, the base surface will be completely covered with yellow pieces, so any color will do. Such a rather meager list will allow you to get an interesting craft.

053 (2)

Cut a circle out of cardboard. Here was used yellow cardboard, the same color as the whole crafts, so its surface does not have to be covered with a thick layer of parts to mask.Also cut the corrugated paper in two ways - squares and long rectangles.

053 (3)

Rectangles will be needed to form thin rays. Take every detail, fingers twist along the entire length, starting from one edge. But on the opposite side, leave a small wide tail that will allow the ray to be attached to the cardboard.

At the time of twisting, make sure that your hands are dry and clean, otherwise, soft paper will limp or get dirty, because it is light. Forming each ray, immediately attach it to the cardboard at the very edge of the circle. Lubricate with glue, not pressing down so that the paper does not tear.

053 (4)

Fill the entire circumference of the cardboard with rays. If necessary, smooth out all the processes with your fingers so that they are evenly spaced around. The more rays, the warmer the sun, so make a lot of details.

053 (5)

Also mask the inside of the circle with soft yellow squares. Glue them randomly, overlaying each other until you fill the whole space without gaps. The sun is ready to paper. Every child recognizes it.

053 (6)

Now you just have to draw a little face. This can be done with gel pens or felt-tip pens, but we use white and red paper. Cut out the eyes and mouth. Glue them to the center. Draw pupils, and cover with a thin layer of sparkles on top.

053 (7)

Here is a radiant and smiling sun turned out. An interesting little copy is just an innocent child's hand-made article, it will not burn anyone, and will only smile.

053 (8)

053 (9)

06. An interesting hack to Shrovetide - pancake, Russian beauty and well done

Maslenitsa is the most beloved holiday for everyone who loves to eat deliciously, try popular Russian cuisine dishes, have fun in a big company of people. Many beliefs and legends are connected with this holiday. And folk festivals turn into real fun with jokes, jokes, competitions and smiles on their faces.

To make some crafts to Shrovetide, you need to know what this holiday is connected with, as it is celebrated. We offer the option of paper crafts on a suitable topic. "Who will pull the pancake?". Of course, in the center of the crafts there will be a pancake - fragrant, fat and so desirable.

From what to create this part? It is necessary to make it so that the pancake does not seem just a circle of paper, namely, itself - appetizing and ruddy. Pick the paper that matches the color and texture, use a piece from the old roll with wallpaper. Or, take an orange paper and draw points on the surface with pens or felt-tip pens.

You can also take a thin layer, cut off from the washcloth, stick it on the cardboard. Who will drag the pancake, compete? This is a Russian beauty and well done, which she will definitely give in.


To work on creating interesting crafts for Shrovetide prepare:

  • rough, yellowish or beige paper;
  • A set of plain colored paper or cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pens.

Matching in color and texture, similar to the roasted ruddy surface of a pancake, paper is half the success. Use any method to make such a circle or take the finished paper. If you have a thick cardboard, then just cut a circle out of it. If the sheet is soft, pre-stick it on thick paper, then cut out a circle with scissors when the glue dries.


Hold a pancake and drag it to yourself will be 2 people. Show first the top of the clothes that peeks out from under the central piece. For a girl, make a rounded blank with protruding lantern shoulders made of blue cardboard, for a man - a rounded blank from a brown sheet. Paste the blue and brown parts opposite each other from the bottom of the main craft. Leave only small parts protruding.


For a Russian beauty, cut a red scarf, a round beige face and a detail for light bangs.


Glue a handkerchief on the side of the craft where the blue coat looks. Glue the round face to the center of the red part, stick the bangs on top. Draw the eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks covered from embarrassment. On the opposite side, glue the head of a man. Face let it be oval, draw eyes, nose, mouth and beard with a mustache. Wear a red hat with a fur trim on your head.


Glue mittens at the joints of blue and brown details.Pancake Day is celebrated in late February, when it is still frosty and windy, sometimes it even snows, so people dress warmly.

Interesting odd job to Maslenitsa

An interesting themed craft is ready. You can rotate the resulting shape around the circle at your discretion. This is a fantasy that echoes the color of the Russian holiday.



07. Mistress with plasticine pancakes

Each hostess considers it his duty to bake delicious pancakes at least once during the festive week. Some even arrange a competition. Who will bake pancakes more, will they taste better? Each has its own secrets. The Russian beauty figurine with pancakes is a great deal on the topic of Maslenitsa. To repeat it with the children, study the following master class.

023 (1)

We will dress up a girl in a long dress and an apron, we will wear a tall kokoshnik on her head. And the hostess will have a blond braid to the waist. All such fairy tales depict such a Russian beauty.

For sculpting figures prepare:

  • a piece of any cardboard, scissors and a stapler
  • plasticine;
  • stack;
  • match;
  • You can use small beads and stones at will.

If you also want to make a similar craft, then you need a whole set of clay, because from it you should choose many shades: for the open parts of the human body, for clothes, for hair, for pancakes. Match any colors.

023 (2)

The initial detail is the dress skirt. Everyone understands that the clay itself will not keep its shape, it will provide a piece of cardboard. Since we need to make a long skirt, then just it can be made on the basis of a cardboard cone. Prepare a piece of cardboard twist to the desired figure, then secure with a stapler. You can use a round or other shaped workpiece.

Anything extra is easy to cut with scissors. In any case, in the future, the surface of the cardboard skirt will be covered with clay. Apply the mass to the paper, stretch it over the entire surface with your fingers. Below a thin strip below, adding some ornament for decoration.

023 (3)

The apron should be stuck on the same part. Make a cake suitable form, you can decorate it with peas, stripes or flowers.

023 (4)

On the sharp part of the cone stick a cylinder of some bright clay. Smooth the surface with your fingers so as to highlight the upper torso. Highlight the waist, pull up more clay to show the chest. Stick the apron in front of the skirt, mask the dock under the white plasticine sausage.

023 (5)

Insert a matchstick at the top. Make the sleeves - it is elongated narrow gramophone. Add the hands of beige clay to the bottom (wider) part, and also make an oval head.

023 (6)

Glue the sleeves to the craft. The lower part is assembled. The head should also be made out - stick your eyes, nose and mouth.

023 (7)

Also stick brown hair, ears, and a tall headdress. Model a long braid (these will be 3 thin threads interlaced among themselves).

023 (8)

Fasten your head with your neck (instead there will be a thin match). Russian mistress is ready.

023 (9)

And the last, but the most important attribute - pancakes. Use orange clay for modeling, pick up a plate from a doll set.

023 (10)

Insert the dish in your hands.

023 (11)

A hostess with delicious plasticine pancakes is ready.

023 (12)

023 (13)

08. Postcard on Pancake Week with pancakes and cat

In this workshop, I will show you how to make a fairly simple souvenir version for the little ones. It will be a postcard, which shows only 2 objects: delicious pancakes and cat, who tasted them secretly from the owners. All the details are quite simple, albeit small, so we can recommend this work to kids.

In Russian homes, they always cook a whole stack of pancakes, eat them with sour cream or caviar, with mushrooms or meat, even with fish, or use other sweet stuffing. But it is not always possible to protect the main decoration of the table from a furry thief. If the cat sees the treasured delicacy, then he will definitely find a moment to try at least one pancake.

Card for Pancake Week with pancakes and a cat

Prepare for the card:

  • cardboard base;
  • plasticine;
  • A spatula in the form of stacks from a set.

Postcard to Shrovetide in stages:

From the prepared plasticine set, you should select all the necessary interesting shades that will be used to create the postcard.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (1)

Choose a color for the background. It should be juicy and bright, symbolizing the awakening of nature, the dawn of violent flowering. For example, spread on the cardboard bright green, this color is perfect.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (2)

Now proceed to the main decoration of the olive table - pancakes. For their manufacture requires 3 colors of clay. The first is any, it will be needed for the dish on which the pancakes lie. Take a piece of plasticine to make a round cake, then squeeze with two fingers on top and bottom on both sides to get a flatter dish.

We’ll look at our delicious riches as if from the side, not from above, so this form will suit us. The second color is for pancakes. Suitable orange, beige or any other clay. Mold an oblong turret, the width of such that fits on a dish.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (3)

Glue the turret to the dish. Carefully draw the texture - oblong grooves, separating one pancake from another.Also at this stage we need a third shade of plasticine, since on top of a pile of pancakes should be poured sour cream. The main decoration of the table is ready.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (4)

Now we will depict the one who tries to eat pancakes with sour cream. It will be a red-haired cat. Stick on the side 2 cakes of this form to show the head and torso.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (5)

Glue additional orange fragments that completely allow you to collect a pet figure: triangular ears, round cheeks, sausage-legs and tail-sausage.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (6)

Carefully show that the cat is fluffy, so the figure will become more interesting. One lick cat licks, he is pleased that ate delicious pancakes. Show blinkered eyes to complement the effect.

otkrytka- na-maslenicu (7)

You can add an inscription to the picture, as well as a wooden spoon to glue down. Such unusual wooden dishes used before the hostess. Postcard from plasticine, timed to meet the Carnival, ready. The souvenir is bright, juicy and suitable for a children's exhibition.

otkrytka-na-maslenicu (8)

The author of master classes is Elena Nikolaeva.

Create crafts on Maslenitsa with children

Of course, nowadays Maslenitsa is celebrated a little more modest than in those days. But what has not been changed on this holiday is the presence of tasty and ruddy pancakes. Both adults and children eat them with joy. In addition, all children and some adults actively participate in various competitions, games and competitions held on the occasion of the celebration of Shrovetide.

Since the Maslenitsa is arranged in honor of the arrival of spring and, consequently, of sunny days, the main symbol of this holiday is a round pancake. This treat was an indispensable dish throughout the holiday, both with family and inviting guests.

As mentioned above, since ancient times, Shrovetide is associated exclusively with the onset of spring, sunny and warm days, fun and mischief. In children, of course, these factors especially cause joy, they love to eat delicious pancakes and receive gifts. And if they will independently create gifts for themselves and loved ones,then the joy of this will be doubly more! This can be a very favorite activity for your child, which will give him a smile and contribute to his creative development.

The end of this holiday was the burning of stuffed winter in the main square. In our modern times, this tradition still exists regardless of whether in the city or in the village there is a Maslenitsa. But it's not necessary to go to the square to see how the scarecrow is burned and, therefore, say goodbye to the winter.

It is possible to create this indispensable attribute for the Maslenitsa and at home, using thus improvised materials, such as:

  • dried grass stalks or hay;
  • paper;
  • thread;
  • An obsolete doll that will not be burned;
  • pieces of fabric.

This doll will need to dress up in a sundress, brightly make up and put on a wooden stick. In the process of creating a stuffed animal, be sure to tell the child the story of this holiday and its meaning. The basis can be made of paper, which is perfect as a newspaper or colored paper. And for the cloth doll - fabric trimming.

Another association of Maslenitsa is the sun.This bright symbol can be created using knitting yarns, colored paper, tinsel and other materials. In addition, you can take a thick cardboard, make a hole in the center of it and wind it with bright yellow or orange threads. The remains of threads should be arranged in the form of "rays" of the same size and tied with satin ribbons.

A fairly simple option to create the sun is to prepare pieces of yellow paper and glue them onto the cardboard with glue. Do not forget about the clay. Children will love to sculpt various figures from it, so why not use it to create the following holiday symbols:

  • bright "warm" sun;
  • pancakes;
  • characteristic of Shrovetide stuffed;
  • funny kids around him.

An indispensable element of Shrovetide is the presence of a variety of sweets on the table. In addition to delicious edible sweets to create a more festive atmosphere, you can make similar decorative elements yourself.

They will definitely “revive” your home environment and will favorably influence your mood and those around you.Unique caramel decor can easily be made from wire. For this, the blue wire, which is sold in specialized stores for creativity, is perfect.

Spring sunny and warm time is eagerly awaited by both parents and children. At this time, everything around wakes up after hibernation and people are charged with energy. Children are happy to direct this energy to create all kinds of unique crafts for Shrovetide.

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