How to make an original gift on September 1 for a teacher

It has long become a tradition to present symbolic gifts and provide signs of attention to teachers on the first day of the school year. Paying tribute to the tradition, most parents and students choose as a gift a bouquet of real flowers. But original gifts to teachers sometimes bring much more joy, especially if the students managed to make it themselves, showing not only the desire to make the teacher enjoyable, but also the ability to create beautiful things.

bouquet to the teacher from the blue wire

bouquet to the teacher from blue wire

For example, you can make a kind of symbol of the First of September - a flower - as a gift to the teacher with your own hands. A craftsmanship made of blue wire will look original and unusual.

What you will need in your work:

  • a small plastic flower pot (if you wish,you can use ceramic);
  • monophonic or multi-colored filler for aquariums;
  • packing of blue wire;
  • sticky tape;
  • scissors.

Getting started.

Fill the pot with pre-prepared filler. It will make the container more stable and allow us to fix our homemade flowers in the pot. To save filler, you can put a sponge on the bottom of the pot (it is very convenient to use a floral sponge for this purpose) or expanded clay.

 Pot with filling

Pot with filling

Getting down to making a flower.

We take several pieces of blue wire of the same color. Approximately in the middle we intercept them with a piece of green wire and bend it in half, leaving the wire of a different color inside. Twist the two halves of the green piece together.

 Twist the green wire

Twist the green wire

We twist the orange wire

The free edges of the colored wire we fold one by one to the green segment (stalk) and fix it at its base. As a result, on the stalk is a magnificent cap - the head of the flower.

 Bend the orange wire

Bend the orange wire

Form a bud

We form bud

The first flower is ready!

By the same principle, we make as many flowers as we need and distribute them in a flower pot.

We fix the bouquet in the pot

We fix the bouquet in the pot

For example, you can tie all the flowers together, forming a kind of bouquet.

 You can give a bouquet separately

You can To make a bouquet separately

Or to arrange them separately, imitating a living plant.

=A flower made of fluffy wire

A flower made of fluffy wire

Do not forget before you fix the flowers in the pot, wrap it with a beautiful bright satin ribbon.

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