How to make an air compressor

This air piston compressor is very easy to manufacture and, if desired, everybody can do it. The compressor can be used to inflate balls, for some chemical experiments where it is required to create air bubbles in a liquid, like a compressor for aquarium fish, etc. n.
How to make an air compressor

What does it take to manufacture a compressor?

  • A motor with a 12 V gearbox is the most deficient part, it can be buy here - aliexpress
  • Several bicycle spokes.
  • Two nipple valves for a bicycle.
  • Power supply 12 V, You can buy it here if you don’t have it - aliexpress
Geared motor at 12 volts constant, with a rotational speed of 300 rpm.
How to make an air compressor
Bicycle spoke.
How to make an air compressor


So, if you have assembled all the components,but we can begin to manufacture our compressor. Fold the needle at the end at a right angle.
How to make an air compressor
With the pliers we will bite off the knitting needle on the other side, so that we can make an L-shaped one like this.
How to make an air compressor
The threaded part of the spokes is inserted into the hole of the shaft of the gear motor. The hole there was originally. We fix the second locking nut from the other needle by tightening it with pliers.
How to make an air compressor
Then we take two knitting needles and we wind one on the other. We take out the inner knitting needle, bite off part of the knitting needle. This is what should happen.
How to make an air compressor
Biting at a distance of about 10 cm and making a bend. How to make an air compressor
Next, we put this curl on a piece that we made earlier on a gear motor. Limiters made of lock nuts from the spokes. Fix the nuts with super glue.We have a moving node. This is the piston lever that will push the compressor piston.

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