How to make a tubage?

The tubage is a procedure for washing and cleansing the liver, bile ducts, and the gallbladder. This procedure is recommended for the prevention of constipation, kidney cleansing. It’s better to talk with your doctor and to undergo a preliminary examination, so that during the procedure big stones (if any) do not move and do not clog the ducts, thus triggering an emergency surgery.

The mechanism of tyubazh when using different means is absolutely the same, and is aimed at enhancing blood circulation in the liver, secretion of bile. The result is evaluated individually for the quality of your own chair. Diarrhea after tyubazh testifies to the successful procedure of "cleaning the liver."

Sorbitol Tubing

Sugar substitute - sorbitol, does not contain glucose and is prescribed in the diet, as well as for patients with diabetes. This substance is developed on the basis of vegetable raw materials. Not unimportant and the fact that sorbitol is perfectly soluble in water,but does not disintegrate and does not lose its properties during heat treatment. In other words: with it you can cook food - make pastries and cook compotes, jams and more. However, the daily dose of this sweetener should not be more than 50 grams. Excess amount of sorbitol can trigger digestive upset. By caloric content, sorbitol is comparable to sugar - 4 kcal / gram.

  1. The procedure is built on the use of sorbitol (about 5 grams) of mineral water (without gas) dissolved in a glass. Pre (a few days before tubing) follow a fruit and vegetable diet.
  2. On the day of cleaning, in the morning they drink a solution of sorbitol (choleretic herbs, medicines can also be used) preferably at room temperature. After half an hour, they again drink a glass of mineral water (without gas) and lay down to warm the liver area (right hypochondrium) with a previously prepared heating pad.
  3. With a successful tubage, after some time diarrhea begins. Both pain in the area of ​​the liver (due to the movement of stones in the gallbladder) are likely, and hepatic colic is the most painful condition.

Such a cleaning mechanism is often used and many people repeat the tubage once a week or once a month.Sometimes it is preferable to hold tubage every six months, highlighting a week for "general liver cleaning."

Tubage sorbitol has various reviews about its need. Some people do not think of a normal life without unloading the liver, while others who have undergone serious treatment after tyubazh due to blockage of the bile ducts with shifted stones, consider this procedure too risky.

Note: with sorbitol tubing, a significant increase in bile production occurs - no more. This hypersecretion of bile (previously it did not stagnate in the ducts, did not accumulate, but is simply produced in large quantities at the moment) provokes digestive upset in humans, diarrhea and, sometimes, vomiting. Fecal masses have a changed color due to the abundance of bile in them, and not from “toxins” or “slags” or harmful substances that have accumulated somewhere.

Magnesia tube

This procedure is not inferior in popularity to sorbitol tubage. A mixture of mineral water and magnesia is even more preferable for some people than using sorbitol.

As with the composition described above, this oral liquid is prepared in advance.Take 250 ml of pure water heated to a high temperature, and mix thoroughly with 1 tbsp. magnesia. Take the composition also according to the scheme.

Note: in order to avoid the deplorable effect, you should consult with your doctor about whether you should do this and how to make a tubage of the liver without complications!

How to make tuba

The first rule - tubabe make in the morning on an empty stomach. This procedure can be carried out using water of low and medium mineralization (Borjomi, Narzan, Mirgorodska, etc.) Under the influence of mineral water, bile is liquefied, it becomes less viscous and the motor function of the gall bladder is activated. How to make a tubage and what kind of water to choose, tell the attending physician.

  1. Before use, the mineral water is heated to 45-55 ˚C, pre-opening the bottle and placing it in a pan with warm water.
  2. Prepared water is drunk as follows: two or three small sips and a break in the supine state for 3-5 minutes on the back or on the right side, placing a hot heater under the body, covered with a towel to keep the heat warm and to avoid skin burns. Heat will relieve sphincter of the bile duct sphincter, relax the muscles of the biliary tract and thereby promote the flow of bile. Then they sip 2-3 sips again and lie down with a heating pad for 3-5 minutes.
  3. In a similar way - alternating small throats and 3-5 minute breaks in the supine state - drink all 0.5 liters of cooked water, having finished this procedure by lying with the heater for about 15-20 minutes. By the time such actions will take no more than an hour. Some people already after the first procedure of the carriage no longer feel the heaviness in the right hypochondrium, bitter taste in the mouth and unpleasant belching bile. However, regardless of whether you have experienced relief or not, you should have a liver tubabe again.
  4. For the second procedure, doctors often recommend the use of cholagogue. Pour one glass of mineral water from the bottle and dissolve 1/3 chn in the liquid. l Karlovy Vary salt, or 1/2 chn. l xylitol, or 2 granites of sorbitol. First, the resulting solution, and then the remaining pure weathered mineral water drink according to the above method.
  5. If diluted in water cholagogue does not cause you discomfort (pain in the right hypochondrium, belching), the third time their number can be increased. Karlovy Vary salt take 1/2 tsp., Xylitol - 1 tsp. Sorbitol can be used up to 3 granules. Excess dose is not acceptable, as there may be a spasm of the sphincter of the bile-excretory duct and severe pain in the right hypochondrium.But the optimal dose for each person is determined by the attending physician individually.

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