How to make a snake out of paper?

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How to make a snake out of paper?

The snake is considered the main zodiac symbol of the year. Therefore, it is revered not only in China and Japan, but throughout the world. Some believe that in order for luck to occur, it is necessary to carry this animal with you. Implied talisman that personifies it. How to make an origami snake? This is a fairly easy process. There are even several ways.

How to make a snake out of paper: instruction

If you are interested in how to make a snake out of paper, then you can use the following instruction for execution:

  • Take a rectangular piece of paper. This is the only material with which you will work in the manufacture of the snake. Origami is a unique technique, where only workmanship is applied, without the use of glue and other auxiliary tools. Make sure the quality of the paper. In any case, do not use cardboard or paper that is too thick. It should not be too thin and rather comfortable to assemble.
  • Fold a sheet of paper diagonally.Make it so that the white side is inside and the color side out. You should have a big triangle.
  • Deploy it. Now make from each part of the triangle two more. After that bend the parts of the triangle to its middle, to the base.
  • Now we do another similar procedure. From the triangles that we have, we bend two more. That is, each of the corners of the triangle is uniformly compared to the middle.
  • You have worked with almost the entire area of ​​the paper, except for the upper triangle that you have formed. Both its corners must be turned to the middle, i.e. from a right triangle make sharp. To make sure you are doing everything right, look at origami. At this stage you should not see the white side of the paper, but only the color side.
  • Now we fold origami in the middle, i.e. along the line to which all the corners are folded.
  • The next stage can be difficult to implement. It is necessary to make a serpent of a wave shape. While folding the paper, bend its part upwards and fix it with origami. Then they fold it back a little further. You should have a wave. You can repeat the action again. During this step, it is necessary to bend a part of the paper inside.
  • The last step in creating a snake out of paper with your own hands involves a robot above your head. To do this, you need to bend the extreme tip of the origami down. The head at the same time will look down.

It is also necessary to bend the tip of the head inside to make origami look more realistic. If you do not do this, the origami head will look like a beak. Now you know how to make a snake out of paper!

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