How to make a partition in the apartment

You will need
  • - screens;
  • - drywall;
  • - metallic profile;
  • - furniture wall.
The most functional option, besides not requiring large material costs and physical effort - is a screen. They come in different sizes, from different materials, and there is always the opportunity to choose the right type, material and price. A simple screen can also be made with your own hands, for example, by fastening two lattices from the become unnecessary cot to the hinges. In the "windows" you can leave one rod on which to hang the curtains. Blinds can be done in another way - to stretch cloth sheets on the grids and sew them on top and bottom. Such a partition can be separated, for example, a children's corner or a corner for sewing.
The second is not particularly costly option - to use existing furniture. Do you have furniture, bookshelves, wardrobe? That is great. Most often, people place this furniture along the walls, and you put something across - that’s the partition. Children's corner can be separated by a wall from the children's headset.Shelves must be rotated to the corner, and the outer wall can be decorated on your own. There may hang a mirror or a picture, the wall can be pasted over with wallpaper or film. Book shelves that you choose to put across the room, you must firmly attach to the ceiling. Bookshelves can be both without back walls, and with them. In this case, there are books on one side, and the back wall is decorated in the style of the interior.
Bulkheadof furniture can be made not only in the room, but also in the kitchen, if it is large enough and you want to divide the space into the kitchen and dining room. Put the shelves of the type of books, but decorated under the "kitchen" colors. There may be beautiful dishes, cookbooks, painted cutting boards for Khokhlo and in general any kitchen utensils.
A few big efforts require the installation of a plasterboard partition. For her, first make a metal frame of the racks and guides. The step can be from 40 to 60 cm. Attach the frame to the floor and ceiling. Plasterboard plates are screwed onto the frame on both sides. Such a partition can also be made with sound insulation, if a layer of mineralized wool is laid between layers of drywall. Plasterboard partition can be done with the door, if necessary.To do this, choose a profile that must match the thickness of the doorframe with the doubled thickness of the drywall added to this measure. The work goes in the following order: first the frame is fixed, then the doorway is made, embedded mortgage bars are put in, and then the structure is sheathed with gypsum plasterboard.

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