How to make a swan out of paper?

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How to make a swan out of paper?

Paper airplanes no longer surprise your children? Well, let's make a more complicated toy - a swan. In this article we will look at two different ways of how to make a swan out of paper.

Making a swan from one sheet

  • Take a square sheet of paper, or tear a strip of paper from an A4 sheet of paper to make a square.
  • Mark the diagonal of this square, and position the sheet so that this diagonal is vertical. Now bend the two diagonal halves of the sheet so that the upper side faces each other and touch the diagonal. As a result, you have two layers of paper: the bottom in the form of a rhombus and the top - a triangle.
  • Bend the paper so that the top of the triangle is slightly below its base.
  • Now bend the tip of the paper in the opposite direction. You will have a small triangle, the base of which is located just above the base of the old triangle. This little triangle will be the swan's beak.
  • Bend the figure along the centerline so that the beak is on top. Now pull the beak, lifting the head of the swan around its neck.
  • It remains to bend the back of the figure, getting the tail and side parts - wings. Everything, our swan is ready.

Making a swan from paper modules

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and divide each side into 4 parts, then cut the sheet along the outlined lines. In total, we get 16 rectangles 74x53 mm.
  • The rectangle folds in half along the long side, then folds in half again along the short side and unbends back - we plotted a vertical axis of symmetry.
  • Now we bend the upper corners so that the left and right halves of the upper edge of the rectangle lie on the vertical axis of symmetry.
  • Turn the paper over so that the top is a triangle, and bend the bottom corners. It is better to leave a small gap between the base of the triangle and curved corners.
  • Now we bend the lower part of the figure so that it lies on the triangle.
  • Fold the triangle on the vertical axis of symmetry to an angle of 90 degrees. As a result, we got a module with two pockets.It will be possible to insert other modules into these pockets, thus assembling our swan.

Swan assembly from modules

  • You can make modules from paper of different colors, and you can take one red module for the beak and 458 white modules for everything else.
  • Inserting modules into the pockets, collect the ring. In the ring will be in a row of 30 modules.
  • Then the third row is assembled. Its modules are put on the protruding corners of the second row. The fourth and fifth rows are constructed in the same way.
  • And now we turn the resulting figure inside out - now we have something resembling a stadium. Put the stadium bottom up and build the 6th row. 7-18 rows are no longer rings, the number of modules in them decreases from 24 to 2 modules. It will be wings.
  • Similarly, the tail is made of 5 rows.
  • For the neck, both corners of the module are inserted into both pockets of another module. Only 32 modules. Crowned construction red beak.

Now you know how to make a paper swan!

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