How to make a healing shampoo at home

You will need
  • - liquid soap 60-100 ml,
  • - nettle 100 g,
  • - rosemary 100 g,
  • - Aloe juice 1st. l.,
  • - juice of 1 orange,
  • - almond oil 1 tsp,
  • - rose oil 15-20 drops,
  • - Vodka 1 tsp.
We make a soap base for shampoo. You can buy any liquid soap in the store or make a soap base yourself. There are several options for making soap base for shampoo.
Option 1. To do this, take a piece of 100 g of baby soap, set it up and pour 100 g of boiling water.
Option 2. In the pharmacy, we get two packs of soap dishes of medicinal 200 g, pour in two liters of water and boil for 30-40 minutes.
Prepare a decoction of dried herbs nettle and rosemary. In an enamel bowl with boiled water, put 100 g of dry grass, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, cover tightly. Give the broth to insist. After 30 minutes, strain the infusion of herbs and pour into a clean glass dish.
To the broth of herbs, add a soap base 60-100 ml, 15-20 drops of rose oil, 1 tsp. almond oil. Aloe leaves roll in cheesecloth and squeeze 1 tbsp. l juice. Take an orange 1 pc. peel and squeeze the juice.
Mix everything well, shake it several times and add 1 tsp. vodka or brandy. Mix everything again. The resulting shampoo stored in the refrigerator for a month. Shampoo suitable for daily use.

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