How to make a good impression on the employer

To produce goodimpression�onthe employer�Prepare for the meeting, begin long before the interview. Look on the Internet for information about the head of the company. Pay attention to both his work biography and his hobby. Knowing the personality traits of the future boss can help you a lot in the interview process.
After collecting all the necessary information, proceed directly to the preparation. Think about what you will go for an interview. The clothes should not be too frank and bright, but at the same time the �gray mice� are also not in honor now. The best solution for you is a strict but elegant outfit.
In addition to appearance, pay close attention to your speech. This is especially necessary for those who have already been at several interviews, but have not been hired. The level of linguistic personality development is one of the important indicators for hiring.It is difficult for a person in the process of communication to assess the level of his communicative competence. Therefore, record your speech on a voice recorder (preferably it was a dialogue). Listen to the recording, and you will be amazed, exclaiming: "Do I really talk like that!".
You will not be able to correct all the identified defects in a short time, but in the process of training you can eradicate quite a few shortcomings. The most common negative trait of speech today is a sudden pause, filled with the sound "..eee", "... well," etc. These parasitic interjections interfere with speech, when a person, wanting to say a complex, long sentence, in the middle of speech, suddenly loses the thread of the narrative.
To avoid such incidents, formulate simple in structure but informative in content sentences. Stick to the average rate of speech. Speak out all the words and phrases clearly and articulately. Watch the reaction of the interlocutor. If you see that at some point he has ceased to understand you, then change your speech tactics.
Answer all questions clearly and confidently. Do not think too long, because in this case, the employer is more important to seehow you can improvise and get out of difficult situations.
Do not engage in controversy and controversy, both on professional and on abstract topics. After all, whatever the outcome of the dispute, you will still lose out. If you insist on your own, then most likely, your candidacy will not pass the selection (although there are exceptions). And if your boss re-argues in the presence of future colleagues, this will leave a negative mark on your reputation and an unpleasant aftertaste in your soul.

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