How to make a gas stove

You will need
  • - empty freon balloon;
  • - corundum tube;
  • - blocks Thermoisol 1400;
  • - metal ring;
  • - alumochromophosphate binders AHPS;
  • - bolts for screed;
  • - heat resistant paint;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - welding machine;
  • - knife;
  • - screwdriver.
The very first thing to do is draw a sketch of the future stove. Then prepare the necessary materials and begin work.
Take the freon bottle, which will perform the role of the body. If its length is too small, then cut the balloon and weld a ring into it that will lengthen the body.
Make and weld clamps for tightening bolts and a nozzle into which a corundum tube will be inserted, tangentially reaching the fire zone.
Next, prepare the pre-purchased blocks Thermoisol-1400. Mark them, cut the bottom and the rings that will create a fire zone. This insulator is easily planed with a knife or cut with a hacksaw. Do not dispose of waste. All carefully collect, grind and sift. The result is a powder that you use to make a refractory coating.
Insert the cut rings into the housing halves.Impregnate the inner part and side surfaces with an aluminum-chromophosphate binder. Made on the basis of AHFS and thermoisol with special mastic, coat the fire zone and the bonding points of the thermoisol rings. Now its heat resistance will increase from 1400 to 1600 degrees Celsius.
If you make a fire zone of corundum pipe, or more precisely, of foam alumina, then the working temperature will be 1750 degrees. In such a furnace, it will be possible to heat the metal for forging, weld Damascus, melt non-ferrous metal in small crucibles, alloy package plates from nonferrous metal, carry out roasting, quenching, normalization, thermal cycling, etc.
Fold the halves of the stove and bolt it off.
Make a stand for the stove.

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