How to make a flower bed with your own hands?

What, if not flowers and ornamental plants best decorate your garden? A competently arranged flower bed will emphasize the general mood of the courtyard and bring the house and the vegetation zone into a single picture. If you think about how, then remember that the flower garden will delight you from the beginning of summer to late autumn, the plants must be selected harmoniously, taking into account all the features.

Creating a flower bed

In order to organize a unique composition richly flourishing from year to year, you must follow some rules when creating it.

  1. Place for flower beds. It is very important to choose the right place for placing the flower bed. It should not be too sunny or windy. Then the plants will remain strong and healthy for a long time.
  2. Soil. Prepare the soil for planting in advance. Remove topsoil and fertilize. Remove all weeds.If the soil on the site is too wet, then drainage can be organized.
  3. Flowerbed form. The design and size of the future flower garden is directly dependent on the size of the area. If the area allows, then give preference to a large flowerbed.

Plant Selection

When the place for the flower garden is ready, a natural question arises: how to decorate a flower bed near the house so that the composition turns out to be complete and effective? For this you need to pay maximum attention to the selection of plants.

First of all, select plants by flowering time. This will keep the flowerbed blooming, fresh and bright as long as possible.

It is important to choose the right height and color of plants, this will give the flower garden a volume and unique style. Remember that the colors of plants should smoothly change from one to another.

Fill the center of the composition with perennials, and place the rest of the plants along the edges, and plant fresh flowers as they blossom. Do not plant plants that bloom at one time. So you risk to receive a motley short-term composition. Plants should be in the form of a hill - in the center are tall and undersized at the edges of the flower beds.

A flower garden will look very impressive if you pay attention to its framing. For this perfect low-growing shrubs, leafy plants or decorative fencing.

Do not fill the flower bed with as many plants as possible. The main thing is that they are harmoniously combined, emphasizing each other.

Bed Types

Among the large variety of types of flower beds, there are several main ones:

  • Carpet flower bed. As a rule, has a strict geometric shape, planted with low-growing plants with bright color or variegated foliage.
  • Regular and irregular flower gardens. Flowerbeds of this species are distinguished by their flowering. Regular - bloom at one time. In irregular flower beds, all plants bloom at different times.
  • Mono-flower. One of the simplest types of flower beds in which plants of one species are planted.

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