How to make a cracker paper?

How to make a cracker out of paper?How do I make a cracker out of paper?

you can create a paper not only beautiful (for example, a swan, a rose), flying (for an example, an airplane) and jumping (for example, a frog) , but also those that are capable of producing cotton - loud sound. A paper clapper can be used to make fussing sounds. This holiday will be even more fun.

Ideal double notebook. Office coated office paper (both colored and white).

How to make a paper cracker?

How to make a cracker from paper?

1.A sheet of paper is folded. As a result, two folds are formed on the sheet - short and long. On the line of bend. If you want to speak 4 corners with a house (see figure - step 1).

2. Bend the final configuration. You’ll get a trapezoid-like figure.

3. Bend the corners of the trapezoid to the middle (see figure - step 2). The overall structure will be similar to a square of 2 triangles.

4. Fold the square in half (see picture - step 3). Cotton to be realized.

5. In the case of shaking, making a sharp flap downward (see picture - step 4). As a result, the cracker will finish and loudly slam. If you fold it, you can use it until you break.

sometimes it can be a paper cracker. latch "a little. During the‚ “Bending” it’s possible to smoothly down.

There is also a way to make a paper clapper.

Drawing - how to make a double flapper from paper!

How do you make a paper flapper?

It is baking inside, and we’ve been shaking the cracker sharply. When using double flappers, two "clapping elements" can open at once, or one. If one has opened, then continue sharp movements with a clapper until the second clapping element opens.

Now you know two ways to make a paper cracker.

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