How to make a Christmas ball out of paper

Christmas balls made of paper - a beautiful and useful hack for the New Year. It can be used to decorate any room in an original way and, of course, to decorate the main guest of the holiday - a slender Christmas tree.

It is worth noting that even children can make simple Christmas balls with their own hands from paper. The main thing is to explain to them the basic principle of this work.

 How to make a Christmas ball out of paper

How to make a christmas ball out of paper

Before you make a Christmas ball, you need to cut out a lot of identical, rather narrow strips from paper. It is better to use thick paper, because a ball made of a thin paper sheet will turn out to be fragile and will last only a short time. In addition to these strips, you need two large beads and a piece of wire.

 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

The tip of this wire piece we we twist in a loop.We string one of the prepared beads on it.

 we string the bead

We string the bead

Using this wire as a pin, we put on it paper strips. Carefully ensure that the wire pierces the paper exactly in the center of the strip. Thus you need to strung all the strips that were prepared for work. The more of them will be, the more dense the ball will turn out.

 We string paper strips

We stretch paper strips

Now a very interesting point: we We begin to string the free ends of each of the paper strips onto the wire. Make sure that while this strip takes the form of a circle. If the edges will move away from each other in different directions, fix them with a drop of glue.

 We connect the strips and fix them with wire and glue

We connect the strips and fix them wire and glue

Following this principle, thread all free ends on the free end of the wirepaper stripes.

 We connect on one strip

We connect on one strip

Gradually they will start to take the form of a ball.

Ball of stripes

Ball of strips

And the more strips will be strung, the more recognizable the shape will become.

 We continue to string and glue strips

We continue to string and glue strips

At the end we put on the second bead and fix its wire twist.

 Fixing a ball with a bead Fixing a ball with a bead

It only remains to tie a string to one of the wire loops - and our craft ready!

 New Year ap from paper with your own hands

Christmas ball made from paper with your own hands

If you wish, you can cover the ball with sparkles, artificial snow or a layer clear lacquer to give it a more festive look.

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