How to make a cash gift?

​​a gift that will always come in handy. Both the one who received the present and the gift will be pleased. The first will be able to buy the desired thing, and the second will not have to think about how not to be trapped. The joy of the gift will increase, if not trite to present money in an envelope, but to hand it in an original way.


​​a money tree, either by folding the bills into a tube and securing it on a wire, or by gently sticking them in expanded form to a branch of a real tree. The resulting tree should be placed in a small flower pot, bay, for example, plaster for stability.


​​Interesting Ideas will be the construction of origami bills. The figure can be absolutely anything: a shirt, a ring, a heart, an airplane, a boat, a frog, a dog. The main thing is to handle the material carefully so as not to damage it.

​​Looks nice cake of bills. The basis is a circle of cardboard, wrapped in gift paper. The money folded into a tube, tied with satin ribbons and decorated with flowers, are laid in several tiers from above.

​​I am glad to have a bouquet of cash, especially women. It is better to roll the bills in the form of roses. Presentable looks and one big flower. You can give a bouquet of fresh flowers by putting a few butterflies notes on it.

​​Easy to build a panel of money. As all of its elements can be made from them, so can they be separate.


​​They look great bills rolled up and placed inside the balloon. An inflated ball can be hung from the ceiling and pierced at the right moment by arranging a rain for the person to be congratulated.

​​, under the glass of which there is money, you can write "Squeeze out the glass in case of urgent need."

​​a present from chocolate eggs in which bills are enclosed. Unfold the wrapper, cut the chocolate and wrap the kinder surprise back carefully.

​​Very unexpected gift - cash frozen in a piece of ice. Previously, they should be wrapped in a package, and you can hand in, emphasizing that you need to spend them with cold calculation.

​​hidden under the cabbage leaves, and handed along with the head, will cause no less enthusiasm.

​​If accepted the decision to present a bag filled with money can be done in two ways. Either pour in a canvas bag of coins, and among them hide a more valuable amount, or pour into a transparent bag of bills, blending them with these and bandaging a gift with a beautiful bow.

​​gift box in the form of a treasure chest. It can be filled with both coins and ordinary chocolate medals in combination with bills.

So, there are a lot of cash gift ideas. Handing it, do not forget about sincere wishes, smile and sense of humor.

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