How to bookmark-corner bat

In October, the bats no longer fly through the city at night, it becomes cold and the first snow falls. But they settle in houses and halls, game rooms and entertainment centers in the form of an interesting decor for the Halloween holiday.

Although in fact the bats are harmless, they are still afraid of them, like everything else, which is associated with darkness, at night, and something unknown. And since this is such that such a night beast is an excellent object for copying, if we are talking about an odd job for the day of evil spirits. Together with children, you can make an unusual and functional bookmark in the form of a corner, imitating a vampire bat. Consider how to do it.

How to make a bookmark-corner bat

DIY bookmark-corner

What you need to work on creating a bookmark corner:

  • black two-sided paper;
  • white paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • glitter colored pens.

How to make a bookmark-corner step by step

The corner itself needs to be modeled from black paper by cutting out a square-shaped sheet. It is desirable that the sheet was colored on both sides, then the desired blank will be completely black.

Cut a square with a side of 12 cm or more. The rest of the sheet will be needed for the wings, we will perform them separately.

To make a black, like a night, corner, bend the square on one diagonal strictly in half. Immediately in the resulting triangle, find the middle of the longest side, bend it slightly in half and squeeze to mark this point, relative to which further folding will be performed.

Focusing on the previous point - the center of the longest side of the triangle - make the side bends of two sharp corners. Lift them clearly upwards, joining the two halves of the former side of the triangle in a vertical line.

Gently fold back the corners again, but do not return them to their original position.

This needs to be done in order to bend the top layer of paper onto yourself,duplicate the central triangle, which is obtained as a result of paper manipulations. Next, under the top layer, move one corner and bend.

Then move the second corner and bend symmetrically. Smooth the resulting triangular pocket. This will be a convenient bookmark. In the future, we will turn it into a bat, because our goal is to create a Halloween crafts.

As additional details to create the desired look, prepare white fangs and eyes by cutting them out of paper.

Glue the vampire fangs to the bottom pocket. At the top center, glue the eyes and use a green pen (or any other color) to draw the pupils.

From the remaining black paper cut the long carved wings for the mouse.

You can draw only one sketch on paper with a pencil, then bend the sheet and cut 2 identical wings at once.

Glue the wings on the sides. Now we have a flying mouse, which can be decorated with something else.For example, using shiny pens, create membranes on the wings, patches on the torso, or any unique fragments of your own.

The handicraft is ready. It remains to try on the bookmark of its own production to the corner of the book. A black mouse is a souvenir or an accessory to the day of evil spirits.

Bookmark-corner bat

The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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