How to make a boho organizer for beads and chains

To make this or a similar organizer,you will needa narrow wooden board, furniture handles (the more whimsical their shape is, the better), long screws for fixing the organizer on the wall (or special eyelets, as for small photo frames), a drill.

Before you get started, think about the design of your future organizer. It is not necessary to make it like this in the photo, deliberately careless and exaggeratedly old. Focus on your interior. Perhaps you are more comfortable with a neat organizer with hooks of the classical form or something bright, painted with stripes and decorated with high-tech fasteners. The organizer, covered with a fabric or covered with wallpaper, will suit the many options for finishing the room.

Helpful advice:look for unusual furniture handles in thrift stores. To make them look brighter, paint some of them with oil paint or nail polish.

Himselfthe process of creating such an organizerIt is extremely simple - we make holes in the board according to the number of decorative knobs, and then fasten them with standard screws. On the back of the board, you need to fasten loops for hanging or simply fasten the organizer to the wall with screws, then disguise the caps of screws with any available method (for example, sticking beautiful buttons over them).

Helpful advice: in this way, you can make a towel rack in the kitchen or bathroom.

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