How to maintain vision in 2018

In the morning and in the evening massage your eyes. To do this, try to relax, and then press the closed upper eyelids several times with the middle fingers of both hands. After that, run your fingers along the lower eyelid from the nose to the outer edge of the eye.
Several times a day (or at least before bedtime) do exercises for the eyes. To do this, close them and translate from top to bottom, in a circle and from left to right.
While working at the computer, do not forget to take breaks. Every 20 minutes, look away from the monitor and look at the point farthest from you for 20 seconds. Once at an hour, get up from your computer, walk around, look out the window or cover your eyes with your hands for 5-10 minutes.
If you have to type text often enough, learn the blind printing method. Put the paper carrier at the level of the monitor so that you have to move your eyes as little as possible.
Replace the old low-quality computer monitor with a modern LCD, because it is much less harmful to vision. Position it at a distance of about one meter from the eyes.
Do not forget to blink, if you work at a computer for a long time in order to prevent excessive dryness of eyes.
After work, let your eyes rest. Try to read less, watch TV or use a computer. Do not forget to be as much as possible in the fresh air.
If we are talking about fiction, replace reading with listening if possible. Audiobook take in the library or download on the Internet. It is especially important to do so as a schoolboy.
Do not sit at the computer and do not watch TV in complete darkness.
Watch for lighting. It should not be excessively bright or too dim.
Avoid direct sunlight. Keep your eyes free from dust and smoke.
Eat more vegetables, fruits and berries. Pay special attention to blueberries and carrots. Do not forget about the adequate use of dairy products.
Once a year, visit an oculist.

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