How to lose weight by 20 kg per month?

Excess weight prevents not only look good, it can also harm health. What to do when you want to quickly get rid of him and how to ensure that he does not return? How to lose weight by 20 kg per month? After all, I want to quickly get a good shape, and on the eve of summer it is important to look good in a bathing suit, and to feel in the heat without being overweight will also be more comfortable.

How to lose weight by 20 kg per month - diet

Diet designed for quick results, are the most stringent, they sharply restrict nutrition and to comply with them for a long period is very difficult and harmful. Sitting on them, be sure to drink vitamins or vitamin complexes.

How to lose weight by 20 kg per month? There are radical measures of accelerated weight loss - mono-diets. They contain mostly one product, which is necessary to eat within the required time.

  • Apple diet - during the day you need to eat 1-2 kilograms of apples and drink a liter of kefir. Apples can be of any variety, kefir is best diluted with water. and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Curd diet - a liter of kefir and 600 grams of cottage cheese per day. Kefir and cottage cheese is better to choose low-fat, of course, without sugar, and you can drink water or green tea in any quantity.
  • Slightly less radical diet, but, according to those who used it, very effective: boiled egg and 100 milliliters of kefir for breakfast, for lunch - 100 milliliters of kefir, boiled chicken fillet and half a liter of lean broth, for afternoon snack again kefir, for dinner kefir and 200 grams of cottage cheese . Kefir can be replaced with coffee in this diet, but this is an option for persistent, as it significantly reduces the number of calories.

Physical activity

In addition to restrictions on food, be sure to increase physical activity, best of all aerobic exercise and running. Do aerobics at home on video lessons or in the gym with an instructor, start running, go to a dance or jump with a rope.

How to maintain weight after diet

After completion of the diet, in order not to gain weight, it is necessary to exclude or limit the products listed in the list:

  • Simple carbohydrates - rich pastries, potatoes, bananas, sugar, chocolate, ice cream. They are too easily absorbed by the body, instantly processed into calories,If you exercise and you urgently need energy, simple carbohydrates will help, but if you sit in the office at the computer or lie on the couch and eat sweets, they have nowhere to go, the body has nothing to expend energy, and it turns into fat mass.
  • Fats are fatty dairy and meat products, rich soup, pork, soft cheese with high fat content. All of this - the load on the liver, with which she is not able to cope.
  • Alcohol and energy drinks. Few people know about it, but alcohol contains a lot of calories, and energy alcoholic cocktails are like acid from a battery. For the body, it is stress, especially since it doesn’t know where to spend this energy, so if you are carrying drinks from drinking to the morning and have so much strength that the mountains are ready to move, these are calories looking for where to stick.
  • Salt - a member of the water-salt balance in the body. Excess salt in your food can prevent water from leaving the body. This leads to an increase in the volume of your body due to the very water. Your weight may remain almost unchanged, but the sizes will change, depending on the amount of salt in your diet.
  • Spices and spices - they awaken the appetite, and it's hard for you to stop eating, which is why overeating comes. Excess food is not absorbed, well, then you already know - those extra pounds arise in the blink of an eye.

Now you know how to lose weight by 20 kg per month, and then how to keep slim. Take care of your health and be slim and beautiful!

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