How to live in harmony with your loved one

Each person grows up in his own unique environment where certain patterns of behavior are practiced, specific sets of tasks are performed daily. Creating a new family, two people bring their habits, developed over the years, into it. And these habits, most often, are not similar.

To live in harmony with your loved ones you need to learn:

  • Appreciateloved onebehindhimuniqueness: there is no other in the world. Who knows how long each of you will live on the planet, and how long you will be together. Do not harbor the illusion that your relationship is eternal and unchanging. Everything flows and everything changes. Regardless of anyone's wishes.

  • Do not try to remakehumanfor themselves. You either break it, turning it into a “rag”, or part with a scandal.

  • Pay attention to the merits, wholeheartedly praise the other for them. Then he will strive to become even better.

  • Do not scoldloved onefor shortcomings. Believe me, he himself knows about them.

  • Create in home personal spacefor myself and the second half.Let it be even a small corner: an armchair, a desk, but each has its own.

  • let'seach othersolitary restat least a couple of times a month. Especially if you are constantly in close contact with people: at home, on the road, at work.

  • Everyone has itof youshould be own hobby. Yes, it's great to spend all the time with your loved ones, but some things need to be shared. The sooner you understand this, the stronger your family will become. And in old age will not be lonely when you leave the children.

  • Do not interfere with another in his enthusiasmin any case. It is better to ask when he will be ready to pay attention to you, and wait patiently.

  • Respect the interests of another. Your interests are nothing better or more important. The importance of something is a purely subjective thing. Proving the importance of one thing and the uselessness of another is a thankless and destructive matter in its basis.

  • Divide household dutiesis reasonable. Do not use the stereotypes of society regarding the family. If the guy likes to stand at the stove, and the girl - wield a screwdriver, let it be. Discuss that each of you is more hateful in these responsibilities, and take on less unpleasant.Equally hate things to both parties honestly share, or agree on their alternate implementation.

  • Discuss problemsin a quiet environment. Look for a middle ground in solutions. Do not prove your case by shouting, fighting, ultimatums and other means of manipulation. Dramas, of course, give sharpness and taste to life, but they destroy it.

  • Spend time togethercompletelyaddicted to each otherthen your love will only grow stronger with age.

Observing the above principles, you can fill family life with joy and harmony.

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