How to leave a request in 2017

Buying building materials, household appliances, you don’t have to go to the store and choose the goods you are interested in. The easiest way is to makeapplicationby reading and placing an order through the site. To do this, you just sign up on this site and fill in the information about yourself. It's even easier to do this with email. By sending a letter, you completely write your initials, contacts, by which you can be contacted and the services you are interested in. After that, you pay for the order in one of the most convenient way (in cash, with the help of a courier, cashless payment, receipt in the savings bank) and receive the order at home.
To leave a request to the utilities, use a fixed phone, which you probably know. What is the residential address, house and apartment number, the reason for filing the application (for example, electrical equipment malfunction), while specifying the date of execution of this application.
Follow the recommendations for registration of applications for participation in the competition. Fill out all forms with legible block letters in Russian. Be sure to attach copies of all documents required for participation. All information about yourself or the organization you represent must be accurate and unambiguous. All documents and copies attached to them certify the relevant signatures and seals.
Do not allow various fixes and subscriptions. Each applicant, as a rule, is entitled to only oneapplication. Send the application only in the specified time, taking into account the delivery time of your application. In confirmation, you should receive notice of the review of your documents. If the rules of submission specified special requirements, follow them only, so that in the future there are no problems. Do not forget that the materials submitted to the contest will never be returned.

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