How to learn to analyze the financial market?

How to learn to analyze the financial market?

How to learn to analyze the financial market?



Analytical activity is connected, first of all, with one or another interpretation of a huge amount of information, in whatever field analytical activities occur. In the old days, when the technique was not yet sufficiently developed, all sorts of analysis was quite difficult and required a huge expenditure of energy and time, since analytical calculations must be performed with sufficient accuracy. But in the age of high technology and a fairly high level of development of information technology, it has become much easier to analyze any kind of activity. In the modern world, everyone can learn elementary analysis.


How to learn to analyze the financial market?


  • Of course, it is necessary to remember that you will have to work with a much smaller amount of information than large analytical companies.This is due to the fact that organizations engaged in analytical activities, the volume and accuracy of information is much higher than that which comes to us from publicly available sources.
  • As additional sources, government information, various internal sources of enterprises and their branches are used. For obvious reasons, these sources can not be used by an ordinary, autonomous analyst.
  • The so-called “home” analyst uses those sources that are on publicly available resources, which is small enough to conduct deep and super-precise analysis, but quite enough to predict market behavior and use this information.
  • The essence of any analysis of this or that side of human activity is to make a more or less accurate conclusion about the perspective of this direction when comparing different indicators. For the most part, analysts are people with a university degree in economics and extensive work experience in analytical organizations.
  • But all this for independent amateur analysis is not necessary at the present time.In the age of development of information and computer technology, such calculations can easily be entrusted to a powerful and not practically mistaken electronic brain. All that remains in such a situation for the analyst’s share is to determine the formula by which it is necessary to perform these calculations.


The work of analysts often consists in the analysis of the so-called time series. The time series here are called graphs of data changes in the indicators of the invested object, for a certain period of time. This information is easily accessible through certain services and organizations, such as, for example, news agencies or specialized institutions. Thus, first of all, any analyst needs to find and establish the necessary links with these sources of information.


Here it is necessary to take into account that foreign informers work most actively in this issue, the information coming from them is usually in English. This means that most of the transmitted information is a translation, which, of course, comes with some delay.

Therefore, it is necessary to know English, at least at a basic level, because if we are talking about time schedules, then you can still delay it, but if we are talking about a different analysis, for example, predetermining the exchange rate, here without an operational summary it will be extremely difficult that -to make a quality one.


  1. So, the first step to mastering the analysis of the financial market is to study English at least at the basic level of economic terms and elementary concepts.
  2. Next, the second step is to examine the ways in which the analysis is conducted. At this time there are many different seminars from professionals, textbooks, books and courses in economics that can help you in studying this aspect.
  3. But, at the same time, one should not rely only on the professional advice of specialists in economic disciplines. The fact is that in seminars and courses, usually, only the basics and various basic knowledge are studied and, how many do not visit them, they will never replace practical work. After all, practice and independent study will be able to make you not just an amateur analyst, but an advanced amateur analyst.
  4. How to learn to analyze the financial market? You should start practicing the predictions with simple predictions of various data based on the evidence of their change over time and their reflection in the graphs.
  5. Then you can do more complex analytical techniques, such as interpolating data series and other methods based on mathematical calculations. Extensive practice in this kind of analytical techniques will provide an excellent basis for the development of intuitive methods.
  6. Further, after your forecasts become more or less accurate, it will be possible to move to a higher level of analysis, the so-called basic or fundamental analysis. Such an analysis is to evaluate all kinds of indicators in a comprehensive manner, determining the final value, taking into account the largest possible number of factors affecting this value.


This technique is widely used in large information companies and is based on determining the maximum indicators.


Upon reaching the figure of two thirds of reliable forecasts of their total number, we can safely say that you have reached a fairly high level of confidence.When you reach such indicators of reliability, you can secure a good income for the public and selling your articles. Thus, you will find not only a permanent sponsor, and, possibly, not one, but also receive feedback from interested parties, as well as become popular among those who would like to do this.


How to learn to analyze the financial market? Thus, it becomes clear that earnings in the foreign exchange market are quite capable not only of experienced analysts from large analytical organizations, but also of simple homegrown novice. Of course, the profits of newcomers to analysts of financial markets will be so great as among professionals, but by developing a skill, you increase your skills!


Is investing in gold promising?



Keeping money in a bank deposit, with the condition of correct and competent choice of a bank, relieve themselves from the risk of losing their savings. Indeed, in this case, losses can occur only with a complete collapse of the bank. But, the problem is that the inflation rate is so high that by analyzing and comparing the interest accrued by the bank, you come to the disappointing conclusion that the more secure the deposit, the lower the profit on the deposit. And yet, with all this, the next question does not lose its relevance.


What currency to choose for the most profitable storage of money? Therefore, in recent years become increasingly popular investments in gold. And this is quite logical, because gold is not subject to inflation and changes in the exchange rate. It is gold that is an investment object that will help not only increase your capital, but also guarantee its preservation. For hundreds of years, gold has been and remains the most reliable investment target.


Is investing in gold promising?

Is investing in gold promising?

Is investing in gold promising? What are the benefits of investing in gold? Let's look at some of them.

  1. First, it is the stability of the contribution. After all, investment in gold has been practiced by mankind for many generations. It was gold, since its discovery, contributed to the attainment of human financial stability. Since ancient times, gold coins and bars enjoyed great honor. A investor who invests his capital in gold has no reason to worry about his contribution.
  2. Secondly, investments in gold are better protected than others from inflation.Despite the fact that inflation occurs, most often, extremely rapidly, it brings with it enormous harm to depositors and their pockets. But the fact is that gold is not subject to inflation. When money is devalued, gold does not lose its value, and instead of a financial collapse, subject to investing money in the right gold, the investor will receive a very tangible profit.
  3. The third thing that comes to mind is the opposition to the US dollar. It has long been believed that the dollar and gold with opposite signs, that is, when the price of a dollar falls, the price of gold increases, and when the price of the American currency rises, the price of gold falls. But by investing in gold, you save yourself from bankruptcy in the event of any economic crisis.
  4. The fourth aspect of the question is that by investing in gold, you gain confidence in the future. The fact is that, despite any economic or political crises, gold will always remain the guarantor of your capital savings. Whatever default has collapsed, the gold reserves will protect your deposits from ruin.
  5. The next thing I would like to mention is the fact that gold reserves are limited.Every year, these stocks are decreasing. And it is quite logical that, with such development, the offer for gold is falling, but demand is increasing, prices are correspondingly rising and in the future prices will rise even higher.
  6. And the last is diversification. Diversification means reducing risk using various investment techniques. Having guaranteed profitability and reliability of the investment, investments in gold balance other, less reliable investments. That is why, making a contribution to gold, you gain confidence in your future and a sense of security of your deposits.


But here you need to remember that to earn on investments in gold only if you know when to sell and when to buy gold. Gold must be sold when there is an increase in the price of gold, but it is necessary to buy in the period of a fall in the rate. Lending institutions offering their customers to invest in gold use exactly this technique. Investing in gold can be done directly by buying the precious metal directly or not directly when you buy securities, bets and stocks.

At the same time, gold is stored either in some organization or in the vault of a banking institution.


Is investing in gold promising? So what are the options for investing in gold? Let's look at some of them:

  1. purchase of gold bullion. When buying an ingot of a precious metal, VAT is paid in the amount of 18%. Consequently, this is exactly the kind of deposit that implies a long-term investment strategy. Gold bars can be stored in various safes, their own or bank. But, in view of the difficulties of transportation and verification of quality and authenticity, remote investment is becoming increasingly common.
  2. one of the most profitable options for short-term investment is opening an impersonal bank account. You do not need to pay tax. But this method has its own minus, one, but very significant. With the collapse of the bank, the money for gold will not be returned. In terms of security, this type of deposit is much inferior to the opening of a bank deposit, since when investing in a deposit the state returns part or the full amount of the deposit.
  3. investment in gold companies and the purchase of their shares. The complexity of this type of investment in finding the right company. In addition, at the same time you also do not insure against bankruptcy of the company.
  4. buying commemorative coins. A type of investment that is more suitable for professionals. After all, to make a profit from such investment is a task for experienced and competent specialists. Is investing in gold promising? In order to receive high returns in such an investment, it is necessary to understand which coin will bring profit in the future, and which will not. When buying a coin, a tax of 18% is also paid. Their value is affected by the fact that such coins are made only of the highest grade. And the last feature of this deposit - such coins can not be sold back to the bank, in order to sell it it is necessary to resort to the services of the auction.


Investing in gold, do not forget that they should be long-term. Gold can give a tangible return only after a few years.

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