How to insert the address bar in 2018

In order to return the address bar in the Mozilla Firefox browser, open the �View� menu item and in the toolbar settings make sure that the address bar is checked. If not, install and restart the browser. It also often happens that the address bar panel is simply invisible to the user's eyes in full screen mode. To do this, exit it by pressing the corresponding toggle button. In Mozilla Firefox, this is the F11 key.
If you need to return the Internet address input string to the Internet Explorer toolbar, also open the view settings and available toolbars. Check the address bar; if required, restart your browser.
In order to return the address bar in the explorer, with which you usually open folders on your computer, use the similar scheme for setting the appearance and the toolbar.
To return the address bar to Google Chrome browser, click on the browser settings configuration icon in the upper right corner.In the toolbar display settings, add the address bar to the list, save and apply the changes. Also, the setting of the appearance of any browser may depend on the version of the program, but in most cases this is a standard procedure performed in a similar scenario. Be careful when deleting a particular toolbar; for a normal appearance setting, you just need to hide its display.

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