How to insert RAM

You will need
  • Computer, RAM, screwdriver
Completely disconnect the computer from the power line. Disconnect all devices from the system unit and place it where it will be convenient for you to work with it. Open the PC cover. It is usually fixed with two screws. There may still be additional latches or fasteners. Carefully read the computer motherboard. If you have technical documentation for your PC, find the section “Motherboard”. There should be an interface diagram where you need to find DDR slots. Then, based on this scheme, find these slots directly on the motherboard. If there is no technical documentation, you will have to find the DDR ports yourself. In principle, this will not be a problem.
After you find the ports for connecting the RAM, see if any of them are free. This is necessary if you are going to add RAM. At the same time, it is not necessary to extract old ones.But in case you need to replace the memory module, you must first remove the old one. There is a latch on each side of the RAM slot. Push these latches down. There should be no problems, as there are only two directions where the latches can be moved. When you lower them, the memory module can be removed by pulling it towards you. In this way, you will extract it from the slot.
Installing the RAM module is even easier than extracting it. The latches near the connection interface must be omitted. If you removed the memory, then the latches are already lowered, if not, lower them, as described above.

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