How to increase testosterone levels in men: simple ways

Over the centuries of the development of mankind, the image of a real man has formed into a whole and quite understandable picture: strong and strong, bold and assertive, and these are only common features that seem to us when the phrase "real man".

It turns out that the presence of most of these qualities depends on the level of testosterone - the male hormone. Without him, our beloved men would not be men, one might say so, but resembled a sexless being without aspirations and goals.

Such a man next to many want to see

No wonder, because he is responsible for sexual maturation in the male body, for increasing muscle mass, causes the emergence of libido, as well as the emergence of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Now imagine how important this hormone is of strength and courage?

In addition to the well-known sexual functions, testosterone is also responsible for stimulating the metabolism, which leads to the timely burning of fat, and hence to excellent physical form.

In addition, a sufficient amount of such a hormone protects against the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, as well as anxiously monitors the strengthening of bone mass.

But the most interesting thing is that the truly important and necessary male hormone has, in truth, female nature, one has only to deviate from the correct lifestyle, overstrain, or be nervous, as soon as his blood level drops significantly, which can lead to such unpleasant consequences.

  • Reduced sexual desire and interest in the opposite sex.
  • Constant fatigue, depression, loss of memory and mental abilities.
  • The increase in body weight due to fat deposits, but with a decrease in strength.
  • Reduced vitality and lack of concentration.

Of course, young people rarely encounter all the items on this list at the same time, sometimes without even noticing particular changes in their lives.

After all, usually the level of testosterone begins to fall after 40 years, and very little, and only in about twenty years leads to problems of male menopause. But, due to abnormal lifestyle, excessive alcohol abuse and other bad habits,with the lack of sports and an active lifestyle, even young and apparently healthy children may suffer from a lack of this hormone in the blood.

How can you increase testosterone in men, because this is not the end of life and the situation is quite realistic to correct? We have the answer to this question, we get down to business.

Of course, the simplest and non-aggravating method is the use of artificial testosterone in the body, which is done with the help of special preparations and supplements.

Usually, men who are willing to quickly and immediately get a beautiful and pumped body are engaged in such things, because even the most grueling workouts in the gym will not give visible results if the level of the hormone strength and courage is insufficient.

Of course, you immediately feel a surge of strength, and the visual picture comes almost instantly. The only problem is that as soon as you stop using artificial testosterone, you will quickly lose your form, because the endocrine glands are not accustomed to excrete it in the right amount. And mass loss is still the best option, because you can end up on hormone replacement therapy.

Healthy lifestyle

Of course, there are also natural, safe ways to increase the level of testosterone in the blood, which, among other things, leads not only to an increase in muscle mass, but also the normalization of the general condition of the male body.

Lead an active life

The organization of the correct diet of life includes a healthy sleep, which should be at least 7-8 hours in a dark and quiet room. A significant role is played by a proper balanced diet, which promotes the entry into the body of nutrients that synthesize the necessary hormone.

What foods increase testosterone levels?

Avoid veterans and opponents of animal food, but meat is food that is rich in cholesterol, which is the primary source for the production of testosterone and many other hormones. So you need to eat meat, especially useful, so-called red meat, because it is rich in zinc.

This element is very important for the production of male hormone, by the way, it can be found not only in meat, but also in the liver, eggs, dairy products, seafood, seeds and nuts. Other essential minerals that contribute to the formation of testosterone are calcium, selenium and magnesium.

Vitamins of group B, vitamin E and C, which not only contribute to the formation of testosterone, but also prevent its molecule from decay, play an important role for the male body.

Products that increase testosterone

Such extremely necessary elements can be found in citrus fruits, such as oranges and kiwi, as well as in black currant, avocado, fish oil, dogrose, nuts and grapes.

Do not forget about the sufficient rate of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are not only the basis of human life, but without them, as without a house a house will not be built, testosterone will not be synthesized.

If you consume enough fruits and meat, love seafood, and periodically indulge yourself with nuts and seeds, then, most likely, you have nothing to worry about about nutrition. I would like to note that it is necessary to include non-fatty meat in your diet, avoid large amounts of flour and fried.

Tablets, drugs, herbs, testosterone boosting

In addition to proper nutrition, your body can be helped additionally, for example, by consuming daily special herbs and medicines that help in men's ailment.

For example, on the basis of such herbs and tinctures, a lot of drugs have been created that increase testosterone levels quite well. These herbs include ginseng, Eleutherococcus, golden root.

Ginseng tincture is very useful for this purpose, which can be consumed 15-20 drops three times a day for a month. But we would not recommend prescribing medications for ourselves, in such cases it is better to consult with a specialist in order to avoid unintended consequences and reactions.

Sport and its opposite sides

What distinguishes a man from a woman? First of all, it is his strength, which must be developed by physical exertion, and, by the way, they contribute to an increase in testosterone in the blood. But it is very important not to overdo it, because of the excess of sports in life, everything can turn around, just the opposite, on the contrary.

Enough to do 3-4 times a week, let the body rest, and the muscles time to grow. If you are working with weight, then choose it in such quantities that you can do only 8-10 repetitions, and the last lifting should cause maximum effort.

And most importantly - do not forget, in the process of the entire treatment, the man must maintain a positive attitude, stress and depression - big enemies of such a necessary male hormone.

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