How to increase sperm production

The amount of seed secreted is important when planning a pregnancy. The more ejaculate will be, the higher its quality, the more likely it is to conceive a child. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to attend to the stage of preparing for pregnancy.
Give up smoking, alcohol and other bad habits. After all, they have the most negative impact not only on the quantity, but also on the quality of the ejaculate. Alcohol-containing drinks directly affect the liver, resulting in a sharp increase in the level of the female hormone estrogen in the blood, and this leads to the suppression of testosterone - the hormone responsible for the production of sperm. Moreover, it should be understood that even 2 glasses or a glass of alcoholic beverage per day can lead to very poor results. Smoking also adversely affects the reproductive function of men. Sperm motility is lost, many defective ones appear.If we are talking about naroktikah, they are 100% kill a man in a man.
Review your diet. Food should be as healthy and healthy as possible. Reduce fat and add protein, fiber and whole grains. Fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits - this is the guarantee of a stable and rich male power. The quality of excreted will increase significantly if you include in your diet nuts - from peanuts to sunflower seeds and pumpkin. But from the sugars (in the forehead, including fructose) should be abandoned, as well as from soy.
Exercise helps to improve the quality and quantity of ejaculate. True, if it is not strength training. Moderate fitness, swimming and other light sports contribute to the activation of all body systems, including and excretory and reproductive.
Avoid overheating and compression of the testicles. Intelligent nature has placed them at some distance from the rest of the body. After all, they must remain cooler than the rest of the body. Spermatozoids die from overheating. In order to provide the male external organs with more comfortable conditions, you should choose loose and cotton swimming trunks for wearing.The best fit boxers. The fabric should be natural, so that nothing is wiped or sweated. It is recommended to sleep without any clothes at all. It is better to refuse hot baths, saunas and baths, since This has a very negative effect on the male reproductive system. When playing sports it is worth putting on a bandage. And, of course, you should avoid traumatic sports, when there is a risk of getting hit in a tender area.
Do not urge. Stress inhibits the nervous system, and the brain sends signals to the reproductive sphere, which is not the time to move on to reproduction.
Excess weight is another reason that negatively affects the amount of ejaculate produced. It is proved that those with extra pounds of cavalier have 42% less motile sperm. And 81% of too full men have either too weak ejaculation, or do not have it at all. This is attributed to the fact that fat contributes to the processing of testosterone into estrogen, and excess amounts lead to overheating of the testicles.
Also, to increase sperm is to reduce the number of ejaculations. This means that for the period when you need more ejaculate, you need to have less sex.After all, if this happens often, the quality and quantity of discharge begins to deteriorate and decrease from exhaustion, because man's body does not have time to recover from one sexual intercourse to another.

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