How to hide a lie

The ability to liegiven to not everyone. The main mistake of newbies is that they quickly break up not with words, but with gestures and emotions. In modern society, the ability to lie is often simply necessary, given the fact that trusting and naive people are biased and often manipulated. Cruel world dictates its own terms and conditions. As the saying goes: "Be able to spin." It is necessary to know only a few basic principles of recognizing lies, in order not to be caught in it. We give the same specific answer to the direct question. The longer you pull the expected response, the more suspicion and distrust you are causing in the eyes of the listener.

You need to be able to quickly navigate and understand the essence of the issue, so as not to pierce. Do not ask again, many people use the "deaf effect" to pull time to choose the right answer, and this is definitely a sign of lies.

Keep calm. Nervousness, stealth reveal all the cards at once. When a person speaks only the truth, he is sure of himself and in his words just as well.

Another mistake: "I swear I didn't do it."Do not use this tactic, not only is this disregard for religious principles, but also an extra reason to give yourself away. Few people know about this feature, but it should still be taken into account. For example, "I have not slept with her." The pronoun "with her" replaces the name of the person. So a person hides his emotions in relation to this person.

In the process of lying the body is not our friend. Any gestures can give a liar, but the undoubted advantage is that only a psychologist can often recognize these reactions produced by the body. For example, during an emotional conversation, everyone is gesticulating, recalling sensations and experienced emotions, and the one who is lying does not do this, because this was not, there is nothing to remember, respectively.

Do not forget that in life we ​​encounter such a phenomenon as a boomerang. Oddly enough, but it is real. Everyone had a situation where you acted inappropriately, and after a while you were at times worse.

Cheating in the modern world is used at every turn. A trivial example: the seller in the store will tell you anything to sell the goods

Think before you lie.If a lie is revealed, and more often it happens, you ruin a good relationship, you will no longer be trusted.

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