How to help yourself with bronchitis

Plentiful Drink

Doctors prescribing medication for any viral infection remind you that you need to drink a lot during your illness. But for some reason, after going to the pharmacy for saving preparations, we forget to do it. But abundant drinking during illness is not just a whim of Aesculapius.
First, viral infections, including bronchitis, are accompanied by fever, which leads to loss of water by the body. As a result, the mucus that fills the bronchi thickens and with big problems comes out during coughing.
Secondly, all medications prescribed during bronchitis, including solutions for inhalation, have a mucolytic effect only when a large amount of fluid is consumed. So you can treat the obstruction of bronchus for a long time with tablets and syrups, but the effect will be insignificant if you do not follow the drinking regime.The best drink for the disease - plain and mineral water, clear juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks.It is desirable that the temperature of the liquid was close to body temperature.

Air humidity

Inflammation of the bronchi can last for quite a long time and leads to serious complications if the patient is in a room with dry air. And the reason lies again in the loss of fluid. In this case, the mucus in the bronchi quickly thickens, and sometimes even dries out, so it is almost impossible to cough it up from there. But this substance is the best breeding ground for bacteria. That is why the consequence of improper treatment of bronchitis is pneumonia, which can only cope with antibiotics.
The optimum humidity of the air, which leads to minimal fluid loss during breathing, is 50-60%. This rule also applies to infections of the upper respiratory tract, in particular, with nasal congestion with ARVI.When using a home air humidifier, it is important not to overdo it, because at a humidity of 70% and above, mold fungi begin to multiply actively.


Another important condition for a quick cure for bronchitis is a normal indoor temperature. Too “warm climate” in the apartment will lead to dehydration, which is extremely undesirable for this disease.Therefore, 20 degrees is quite a suitable temperature, and if there is no climate technology in the house, it is worthwhile to arrange regular ventilation. Interestingly, the observance of such simple rules successfully helps relieve cough with bronchitis and phlegm, rather than using advertised ointments and creams for the chest and neck. By the way, they should not be rubbed on the skin at an elevated temperature or, for example, in case of individual intolerance, but everyone can humidify the air, ventilate the room and drink water.

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