How to hang a hook in the bathroom?

After the end of the repair in the bathroom comes the most enjoyable stage - the interior decoration. The shops offer a wide range of different accessories that solve certain tasks. This master class will teach you how to hang a hook in the bathroom on screws. The fittings on the suction cups do not require drilling the walls, however, the fastest hook will be held at the expense of fasteners.

Getting Started

First you need to outline the places for drilling. It is recommended to make them in the seam between the ceramic tiles. When drilling the tile itself there is a risk of damage to the fabric. And then replacing the broken tile will not be so easy because of its possible absence. Putting the hook to the desired level and drawing dots with a pencil through its holes. Preparing a puncher or a drill for work. The choice of tool depends on the material of the walls. It is better to drill concrete partitions with a perforator,An ordinary drill can cope with a brick and drywall.
 hook with dowel nails

Choosing a drill

We select a drill with a suitable diameter. For this case, suitable size 5x85 mm. In addition, it is worth considering what type of walls we will drill. For example, concrete will not “take” a drill designed for wood or brick. For such a hard material it is necessary to win - an alloy of tungsten and cobalt, which in its properties is not inferior to diamond. Determine what material a particular drill is intended for by its tip and color. For example, wood drills for wood have a sharp tip and a steel shade, and for metal, they are tapered. The drill for concrete has a plate-like soldering and characteristic white color. How to drill a wall and hang a hook? The shaft of a perforator or drill should not be littered, therefore, before you insert a drill, it is necessary to clean the tool. We bring it strictly perpendicular to the wall, slightly press the rotation enable button. During work, concrete dust will fall on the floor.You can prevent this if an assistant holds a paper bag under the punch during drilling.
 How to hang a hook in the bathroom
 How to hang the hook in the bathroom
 K How to hang the hook in the bathroom
Slightly drill through the wall, insert the plastic dowel into the hole and try on its desired depth. In this case, its size is 5x30 mm. Professionals use standard depth gauges for fitting. As soon as we get the hole of the required length, we finally fix the dowel in the wall. Attach the hook to the finished holes, take the screwdriver and screws. Screw them to the end. You can use a screwdriver, but for the sake of two self-tapping screws, it does not make sense to get it.
 How to hang a hook in the bathroom
At the end of work, make sure that the hook does not dangle and securely fixed to the wall.

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