How to grow a crystal from salt?

As we all know, crystals are common in nature and can grow to fairly large sizes. It turns out that the crystal can be grown independently, at home. We will talk about how to grow a crystal from salt. This will require a minimum of improvised means and skills.

How to grow crystal salt

As we have already said, we will not need any special chemicals for these purposes. Use regular food (cooking) salt. In this case, the finished crystals will be colorless, slightly transparent cubes. So what is the process of growing a crystal? We describe it step by step:

  1. Pour water into a glass (the effect will be better if the water is distilled, but ordinary water will do), put the glass in a pan, also filled with warm water (50-60 degrees Celsius, not more);
  2. Now pour in a glass of table salt, stir and leave it for five or seven minutes. The glass, of course, will heat up, and the salt, in turn, will dissolve;
  3. The water in the pan can be slightly heated, add more salt to the glass and mix;
  4. Repeat the previous step until the salt is no longer able to dissolve. You will notice that it will sink to the bottom of the glass used. In this way you will make a saturated solution of salt;
  5. Pour the salt solution into another container of the same volume, throwing out the sediment from the salt that formed at the bottom;
  6. Now - an important point. From the salt, select any large crystal and place it on the bottom of the glass with the saturated salt solution that you have prepared. You can also hang it by a thread so that the crystal does not touch the walls of the glass. Such a crystal is also called "priming";
  7. Put a glass in any place with normal, room temperature. Cover it with a dust cloth. Once again it is better not to touch it.

After a few days you will see that the crystal begins to grow. Many do not have enough patience, and they begin to think about how to quickly grow salt crystals so that the growth process does not take so much time. It is worth knowing that if you perform the entire process of preparing a saturated salt solution at least once a week and use the same crystal in a new solution, it will grow much faster.

Remember that the solution must be saturated. At the bottom of your solution, there should always be salt, just in case. This will be an indicator of the maximum saturation of the solution. You may be interested to know that about one hundred grams of water at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius can dissolve about 35 grams of salt. If the temperature of the water is increased, then the salt solubility will increase.

After your crystal is ready, coat it with colorless nail polish. This is done so that the water that is in the crystal does not evaporate and the crystal itself does not crumble. Do not use, for example, varnish for furniture. This will only ruin your crystal.

Crystals can be grown at home not only from salt, and then they will be obtained in various colors and shades.

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