How to grow a blue hydrangea

Still in the flower markets blue color is suspicious of buyers. “These are all artificial colors,” many think. In the case of hydrangea is not so! The hue and saturation of the petal color of this spectacular shrub can be changed in a natural way. For this you need to make the soil more acidic. And by adjusting the acidity of the soil, you can control the color saturation. It is also vital to choose the right plant: you can only change the color to blue in a pink hydrangea, whites are almost not amenable to such “manipulations”. The most suitable variety - garden hydrangea or large-leaved.

Practical guide

To obtain a blue hydrangea, you must provide an acidic soil. Than it is sour - the richer the shade. The order of actions depends on how soon you want to get the desired result.

If you plant a rose bush in a naturally acidic soil, you will wait until blue flowers for only a few years. To achieve a quick result, a solution of aluminum alum (0.3-0.5%) should be added to the soil around the plant every two weeks.The volume of watering depends on the age (size) of the shrub. A young one is enough five liters, a big one needs ten. Ready solutions can be bought in garden and agricultural stores. Consider that after such fertilizers it is not recommended to grow anything in the vicinity.

The budget method of coloring hydrangea is regular fertilizer. To increase the acidity of the soil you need to add pine bark, coffee grounds, mowed grass or apple juice. Some lovers recommend to bury metal filings in the ground. However, it is difficult to say for sure how long it will take to change the color with such an “organic” method in each specific case.

Please note: blue hydrangeas should coexist with plants that also need acidic soil.

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