How to get Windows admin rights?

Julia Martynyuk
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How to get Windows admin rights?

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without a computer operating system, despite the fact that it has its flaws. Windows Vista�s distinctive feature is the disabled Administrator account. For some, this is a disadvantage, but for others it is a way of protection.

The user who has free access and the ability to edit system files is the Windows OS administrator. If you have installed Vist'y, then there is a high probability that it will not be possible to delete or edit certain system files. There is a guide that tells you "how to get admin rights" in Windows.


  1. So, to "get administrator privileges," click on "Administration" in your account. This item is located in the main menu of the system. You need a "Computer Management" node with the "Local Users and Groups" section.
  2. Now you need to uncheck the box "Disable account".To do this, on the right side, open "Users" and right-click on the "Administrator" account. Click on "Properties" and the checkbox will be unchecked.
  3. In the line "Full name" enter your nickname or name, complete it with the OK button.
  4. For the changes to be accepted by the computer system, restart. Do not forget also that some system folders will be available only after you change the resolution.
  5. You must activate the "Administrator" account, as it is not enabled by default. In the Start menu, in the text box, type "cmd". The scanning process begins. Right-click to bring up the context menu for the interpreter element that is found.
  6. Next, click "Run administrator name". In the command line test field, enter the value: "net user administrator / active: yes". Finally, display the Administrator account with Enter.

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