How to get out of the car

Group your arms across your shoulders to cover your face with your elbows. With the closest hand, grab the belt tightly so as not to hurt your hands if you hit the water hard.
Open the window as quickly as possible and try to get out through it if the car is still on the surface of the water. Do not lose a second: full immersion usually occurs within 1-2 minutes. Opening the window, you will equalize the pressure inside the car, and it will become much easier for you to get out.
Do not unfasten the seat belt immediately. It will be useful to you as an additional support when pushing the door, if you did not manage to open the window. If there is no belt, hold tightly to the side door handle so that the flow of water entering the car through the window does not take you far from the exit.
Check if the lock is open. But do not try to open the door before the water completely fills the car, because of the strong pressure you can not do this, but in vain will spend the forces that must be reserved for swimming. Try not to panic. Take off your clothes that may prevent you from swimming.Try to breathe slowly and deeply.
Open the door or knock out the window, get rid of the seat belt and start to get out ofcars. Once outside, push your feet away fromcarsand swim with all your might. Do not give up, even if you feel that there is almost no air left in the lungs.
Call for help after you go ashore. Examine yourself carefully for cuts, as you might get hurt while getting out of the car, but you didn’t feel pain because of a strong adrenaline rush to the blood.

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