How to get money for a hobby?

Any commercial structure is based on profitable cooperation. And companion organizations get a certain profit from transactions and signed contracts. The essence of partnerships on the copywriting exchange is the direct participation of two parties - the performer and the customer. Buying and sellingarticles for different sites, magazines, blogs, portals, forums and other Internet resources - these are business relations of partners with mutual benefit.

Performers - masters of oratory
The level of mastery of the copywriter is determined by the passed test for professional development, in the absence of errors, the author receives one, two or three stars. This gives the performer the right to submit orders for entry-level, mid-level and high-level orders, respectively. The presence of errors, unfortunately, is a confirmation of the low level of skill of the author, in this case the stars are not issued. If there is an appropriate qualification, a copywriter working on the exchange can apply for any order you like.

Four types of work are available to the contractor:
1) rewriting;
2) copywriting;
3)   SEO copywriting;
4) translation.

Rewriting is the processing of source code. Most often with the rewriting beginners begin their activities. To do this, enter in the search engine a request that matches the topic of the order taken in the work, select an article, study the material, and then transfer the read information in their own words. Issued source forrewriting text- This is an article submitted by the customer.
Copywriting is practically the same rewriting, but with more in-depth immersion into the topic. From different sources, information is taken that is analyzed and supplemented by facts, judgments of specialists, famous quotations, author's observations and conclusions. Or the performer writes an article based only on his own knowledge, competence and skills.

SEO copywriting is a structured text, written according to the task with the introduction of certain keys. Often the following items are added to the basic requirements: key density, nausea of ​​content, water content of the article, availability of lists, tables, graphs and subtitles.
Translations are a specialcopywriting servicewhich interpret the meaning of the text written in one language and create a new article in another language, equivalent to the original source. At there are representatives of different nationalities and professional translators, thanks to whom the translated texts reflect the essence of what was said as much as possible.

Customers - word lovers

Anyone can be a customer on the exchange. Most often, these are owners of sites that require informational, analytical, news articles. Sometimes they make text orders for brochures, leaflets, business cards and content published in print media. Customers go through simple registration, enter a sum of money, place an order with requirements.

Store articles

Sale and purchase of articles is the same as the execution of the order, only slightly in a different sequence. The author writes the text and puts it on sale. The article passes the auto-test by Antiplagiat. Then the moderator of the exchange checks the literacy of the content, and the text is allowed for sale. Articles with a large number of errors are rejected. The author is invited to modify the text.

Additional exchange services


Anyone who has their own website, portal, page or other online resource can find cooperation on By exposing your own domain as an affiliate site, the owner receives additional income. This partnership is also beneficial to the advertiser, as the influx of customers increases significantly.

eTXT Antiplagiat is a program that determines uniqueness.articles to poston the Internet, put up for sale or sent to check orders. In addition, there is an online check for unique content.


What especially distinguishes the exchange from others is the possibility of communication. Here there is a chat in which current affairs are corresponded and discussed, all users have consulted and solved the problems that have arisen. There are private messages (private chat) where you can directly contact the customer, performer, moderator or administrator.


Writetexts for websites- this is an interesting and creative work. It is always nice if work is appreciated. The copywriting exchange acts as an intermediary between the author and the customer.It helps to find mutually beneficial cooperation on the Internet.

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